State of Ireland with all this corruption BS

I ended u typing so much about it in a discussion on my friend Damiens Facebook page that I decided to paste it here as a blog post. This week it seems like a lot of people in Ireland are outraged after the Mahon report as though it’s a suprise to find out about all the corruption, In this post I kind of cover a broad range of how I feel about the economic situation and this whole corruption BS.

More often than not people borrowed out the ass to get themselves into their situation. They complain to say the banks were irresponsible offering the loans and it was, but they didn’t force them on people. Unfortunately the great Irish people who love to begrudge even the other Irish also have a fuckin superiority complex. we talk about how shite things are in Ireland whilst also thinking enough of ourselves that we are entitled to handouts and if our lives suck, its other peoples fault. Kenny better fix it! What do you mean you’re cutting the dole and increasing college fees, how can I afford 3k a year nobody will hire me, the only jobs going want experience and I don’t have any because when things were good my ass was too good to work in a shop. Are you serious Bro? Your spoiled shit for brains self wants sympathy and handouts because you were too lazy to work before the recession. Fuck you.

Unfortunately I think the Irish people have a lot to answer for on behalf of the corruption also. I grew up in a very small town in North Galway. The local council was three generations of people, sons of sons etc. getting jobs there. It was impossible to get a job with them unless you knew somebody. Lots of back scratching going on. Local shops back until a few years ago couldn’t sell lottery tickets without permission, only one shop in a certain distance could get it, so the shop owner who knew somebody was the one to get it, same with off licenses. Don’t forget the Universities, where senior academics are claiming expenses to go to BS conferences that have nothing to do with what they are doing but it ticks a box for the University and they can feel justified in claiming more funding which is then in turn spent on building up the campus using contractors who are friends with them and take kick backs and have tax write offs, as well as lining all their pockets while they are at it…then you have the people who get the dole and work a job and get paid under the table. Garda who let people they know off with breaking the law. It’s difficult for the people Ireland to rise up against politicians you know are corrupt when you are getting some sort of back scratching yourself because of some sort of dodgy tie. How many business owners are in good with somebody? How many public sector workers would rise up and risk an overhaul of their sector and lose their sweet jobs.
One of my big qualms. The fuckin recent traffic problems in Galway. The last few changes to the roads in Galway were organized and planned by the same fuckin eejits that are doing it now. The city council, use “experts” from the University and then use the same engineering companies over and over again even though the reason we’re changing the damn layout is because it was badly planned in the first place. Bah humbug I say!! Corruption on every level!

Other countries are not without their own problems. Incompetency does occur in Australia but they seem to have a zero tolerance policy on corruption. The Dollar is king in America but from what I am experiencing so far is that companies are trying to eliminate corruption on a level. Unfortunately it’s not at the top. Example everywhere I fucking go (which I find annoying) doesn’t accept cash because it’s not transparent enough, it can’t be tracked easily, therefor taxed easily and can be stolen even easier. It doesn’t end corruption but it’s an effort to correct some things. It’s a shame Ron Paul got linked with that racist rag, his idea of eliminating money from politics is what needs to happen but in fairness his ideas were a little too extreme in parts. Coming here has opened my eyes to a lot. For example the Irish perception of America thanks to the warped journalism back in Ireland by our own national broadcaster, when people over there heard I was moving to Arizona, everything was negative…crazy laws, racism, stupidity. I read Irish articles since I got here about the birth control debate in Arizona…it was completely misrepresented at home to make it seem like it was completely sexist….which is BS. And then they don’t mention that the fuckin thing was strongly opposed by people in Arizona itself, you know, through that thing called Democracy…so if the people of Arizona rally against it, doesn’t it show they aren’t what they are labelled as rather than it being an example they are….Does the fact blasphemy was made illegal in Ireland reflect on all Irish people?

Further to this, Out of habit I keep going to RTE for news so I was reading their live tracker on the Toulouse stand off. One of the first things on tracker was that the French Prosecutor has claimed that America caught the guy at a checkpoint and just sent him back to France on the first flight…hold on…so a French citizen broke a law in another country and was deported….what is wrong with that?…the wording of it, implies America did the wrong thing and they had blame in the situation? how so? The guy is trying to deflect attention away from Frances lack of security and intelligence. Why don’t we all say huh…fuckin France huh? it’s full of crazy idiots. Reisen attacks on metro systems, baby killers etc. But no, let’s just target the big boy. Blame him for all our problems. Ha! And I’m only here a month!! And by the way, the dirty little secret….the media here even in Arizona is completely left! Now having said that I’m in a city of over 4 million people and cities tend to have a left slant from what I have experienced but for those back home who might think all people here are stupid and closed minded, racist etc. Come over here and see the place and meet the people before you jump to conclusions based on the BS that’s been taught to you over time living in Ireland.

I just blogged my brains out,


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