Song of the Day: Waitin’ around to die

This happy little ditty comes from a guy called Townes Van Zandt who was not just a musical genius but an actual certified genius. Unfortunately he suffered from bad depression and mental problems, to the point that he was commited in his early teens. Back in those days treatment was very brutal. Lots of electro-therapy etc. It didn’t help him and years later he would turn to heavy drugs like heroin and became a full blown alcoholic. It made for a terrible life but also inspired some of the most dark and powerful songs a human could write. He did not get much notoriety as a musician. His songs were covered by bigger stars such as The Rollings Stones and Dolly Parton. It wasn’t until after Townes had died that he got recognition. Interesting tidbit is that Steve Earle named his after Townes Van Zandt as he toured the bar scene with him.


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