Fantasy Premier League Obsession…the curse of our times

So I just woke up on the couch with the TV on, the way god intended. Halfway through my hearty breakfast of rice krispies and toast I had a near heart attack. At first I thought it was my usual heart issues brought on by my lavish unhealthy lifestyle (I called it The Steve) but it was something far worse…my internal Fantasy Premier League alarm went off!

Normally I try to get my team in order on a Friday night so I don’t have to wake up early on a Saturday and drunkenly fumble through that poorly laid out website but more often than not I forget. Luckily my body has evolved into a state of pure awesome and has adapted to suit. This FPL alarm I have developed it’s extremely useful but also quite worrying, has my life come to this?

I love football, nothing beats spending all day sitting down watching it in my opinion. When I started playing FPL it was fun. I would see a goal update in the top corner of the screen and be delighted that the player that scored was in my Fantasy team, even more delighted if he was my captain. But then you set up leagues with your mates and it gets very competitive.

20120324-110838 a.m..jpg

The weeks go by and the points rack up, it takes over your life. All you see are numbers and stats and you spend hours changing your team to accommodate what ever striker is in form. You no longer watch football, you study it. You find yourself cheering when another team scores just because you have that player, that’s not good. Even worse is when a load of your defenders or your goalkeeper keeps a clean sheet and you are delighted? There’s something very wrong with thinking this way.

If United are not playing I want to be a neutral observer…I want goals goals goals! The FPL is bordering on destroying football for me. So I’m thinking about just closing my team so I can go back to the days where I didn’t care about other teams results or clean sheets or who scored, it’s driving me mad. Gonna leave it this week as I have already made the team and conducted a few mad experiments with it. Il let you know how I get on even though you could care less, that’s the kind of guy I am.

Put that in your blog,
Mediocre Fantasy Premier League Gaffer.


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