Song of the Day: Buck65 Indestructable Sam

Figured I’d try to broaden things a bit more. So I’ve put on some bluegrass, rock, folk and I guess Indie? Any way it’s time to get some motherfuckin’ Hip Hop going in this bitch. And for all you people in Galway, this guy plays pretty much every year in the Roisin Dubh and always puts on a great show. He’s a Canadian fella that can rap and scratch! His rap voice is pretty unique and he doesn’t rely on cursing and talking about bitches and ho’s or how big his dick is to try and sell CD’s. This song which I have picked is actually about a guy who worked as a grave digger after the US civil war, he was such a hard worker that he was making the others look bad so they tried to kill him. The song he sampled is a folk type sound with a banjo with a nice bassy beat and his unique voice just telling a story. It was also featured on a CD called Porch with a folk musician actually playing the tune on the guitar with no backing track with bass in the background but I like the Hip Hop version better.

Check out his other stuff. He’s got some pretty random and great songs like Wicked and Wierd, 463, Food, Grumpy Song, Zombie Delight and Shutter Buggin’

I’m not a huge fan of Hip Hop or Rap. I tend to like a select few songs from these genres that appeal to me but get bored with most. I don’t get bored of Buck65.


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