The Best Chips in Ireland Me Arse

So The Irish Times have declared that McDonaghs chips in Galway are the joint best for the best chips in Ireland. It’s reader polled but What a sham, McDonaghs chips are not the best chips in Ireland, they aren’t even the best chips in Galway. I am convinced that they keep getting labelled as the best from years ago when they originally won that best chips in Ireland award, that was the in the 90’s I think!. It seems like ever since then people just seem to agree, I can’t remember anyone being too passionate about their chips before they got the award. I’d love some feedback on this but in my opinion there’s a few places that have nicer chips in Galway.

Completely my opinion but here’s my list:

1.) Bethlehem (Ballybrit) – Small Potato chunk chips, they are beautiful
2.) Vinnies (Dominicks St) – very nice if you get them fresh (beware getting them too early in the evening)
3.) Norios (Merlin) – Usually very nice
4.) McDonaghs (Quay St) – They usually are pretty nice and tend to be fresh but would take the others over them any time

I just blogged my brains out,

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