The Household Charge

So all I’m hearing is household charge this and household charge that. There are a vocal group of people saying “Hell NAH!” to paying it as a form of protest…that won’t work lads and ladies. They will hunt you down and charge you double. If you want to protest in a proper way PAY IT and heed my words…

Now obviously this won’t work for those of you in rural areas. The fact that you have to pay it is beyond me? You have septic tanks and zero mainstream broadband and other such things..they should be paying you. I’m talking to the urban people here… Try the cityfathers plan.

Firstly PAY IT…bear with me. It’s a bastard I know, it’s unfair I know but complaining won’t stop it…my way will at least let you have the craic and improve your area. Now the Government claim that it is for services in local areas…my arse…it’s for European Banks and funding debt. But they claim it is for local services so use it to your advantage. Pay the money on Monday morning then that evening each county form a wolfpack…26 wolfpacks and 1 government equals Funtimes!

Spend Tuesday pulling up roads. There’s plenty of unused tools knocking around the place since all the builders are in Australia…they won’t mind. Pull up and fuck up every road and water main you can find. Break down walls around schools and hospitals, ruin signposts, fill local council office postboxes with used condoms, get a local drunk to walk around every major city with a can of paint and a brush and let him go mad. You get the idea.

Then on Wednesday bombard the government with these issues. Put up with it this year, fuck the place up, the money comes back and I guarantee there will never be a charge again.

You’re Welcome,


About thecityfathers

We sit around all day stroking our beards, clucking our tongues and discussing what's to be done with this Homer Simpson
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One Response to The Household Charge

  1. David carroll says:

    Great idea. but not the water mains. roads fine. I already walk everywhere. i Am looking after my dad and my sonon my own, I get no help from ths Stste or anyone else.

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