Song of the day

This is the reason I wanted to start this little feature. A band like The Answer.

A band from Belfast that are exceptional but nobody seems to know them! They have had a fair bit of success so it’s not like I’m trying to boost them up here or anything, just trying to spread the word. I can’t even remember where I heard them first but they stuck in my head. I managed to spot their first album “Rise” in HMV a few years and nearly tripped over myself running to the counter to buy it. I have listened to it maybe 70 bajillion times since. I got people to listen to that album and everybody has always loved them so how has nobody ever heard of them?

Anyway, this is a track from one of the best albums I have ever heard “Rise” and my favourite song from it. Ladies and Gentleman…”Under the Sky” by THE ANSWER.

Advice: Don’t press play yet. Don’t listen to this on your phone or laptop…put in headphones brother! You need to get the full BELT out of this! Carry on…

Buy that album guys, it’s fucking amazing! Great music.

You’re Welcome,


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