A Diet of Painkillers and Water

So as you have just read, and loved, I have been very sick all weekend. My throat was so badly swollen that it was impossible to eat so I had to deal with liquids only. This didn’t help with the mass of painkillers I had thrown into my body. I was in bed all weekend drinking water and taking painkillers which led to some messed up dreams…here are the top 3!

3) So I’m walking through the forest late at night and I see a rabbit with evil red eyes. There’s not much to this one…the rabbit attacked and killed me. It was actually really messed up and very graphic, very very graphic! I don’t want to go into too much detail but one of my “man-parts” was focused on by the rabbit…i tried to pull the rabbit away from it and he took it with him…uhhh I just crossed my legs even reminding myself of that horrible dream!

20120318-015141 p.m..jpg

2) I assume this is because I was checking my tonsils in the mirror all weekend. The dream begins with my falling asleep and looking at the mirror on the wall. Obviously I cannot see myself in it. I sleep-blink and the room is slightly more red and black, the mirror is also larger. I do that sleep-blink thing 7 or 8 more times and the room is now completely red and the mirror is huge. One more blink and there is a sniper rifle hanging out of the mirror. I close my eyes and hear a loud gunshot. Messed up.

1) This was easily the worst one. This is a nightmare I used to have as a kid and why it came back during all this is beyond me. So I’m standing in a crowd in the market square in Ballina. There is a stage up the top with a guy in a black mask. They ask for somebody to come up to the stage and have a bowl of weetabix. I then see my (now deceased) grandmother telling to go up. I agree because she knows best and I do love me some cereal! So I walk up to the stage and the masked guy is gone, I look out and the crowd is gone but the bowl of weetabix is still there. So I horse into the weetabix and when I’m full I put my head back into the chair.

Next thing I know the masked guy has tied me to the chair and he gets an axe and cuts me up limb by limb. I remember waking up screaming over this as a kid…why did it come back…did my parents drug me as a child?!

So there you have it. Painkillers with no food for 72 hours are a bad mix. As comic book guy would say “Ohhh, loneliness and cheese burgers are a dangerous mix”

You’re Welcome,


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