Song of the Day: Guggenheim Grotto

I was told about these guys about 8 or 9 years ago by a friend of mine Paraic (lovingly known as P!) He spent quite a bit of time in Ballinrobe, Co Mayo due to having family there. Why does any of this matter? For you see the lead singer in this group Kevin, is from Ballinrobe. In terms of success, they are actually relatively successful, just not so much in Ireland because Ireland wouldn’t know good music if jumped out in front of them, swallowed Katy Perry whole and shit her out all over a Jedward magazine cover. As I recall, they get a little radio play for their first album but not very much.

But then they tired their hand in America and their luck changed. Their album went to number 1 of the folk charts in iTunes. One of the songs on the album was used in an episode of a show on CBS television, a track was on the first edition of the Starbucks compilation album. When Starbucks were trying to pump new music into their coffee shops and be even more cutting edge. For those who like Damien Rice and his ilk, he named one of their songs “Lifetime in Heat” as his number 2 favorite song of all time. I actually went to see them play in the House of Blues in San Diego in 2010, no I wasn’t there on a summer trip with my mates or writing a shit song like those fucking Corona motherfuckers. I was actually in Nevada and paid hard earned cash Yo just to fly into San Diego because I saw they were playing there. These guys are that good. I think I preferred when they had a drummer but as a two piece they still have great harmonies. Years on they are still on my playlist and I’m not even a big fan of the genre. So that should say it all.

This track is from their album The Universe is Laughing. It’s the title track, they played it live in the video, down an alleyway in California. The harmonies are amazing.


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