An Experiment…

Hey everybody! I have a crazy idea!

You know these one direction young fellas? You know, those lads that made everybody dress like girls? Yip, those guys. Everywhere I go, especially in pubs, you see grown men dressing like these bellends! They all wear chinos with extremely white knock off converse, a dumb ass T-shirt that would be too small for an infant and of course a scarf…indoors. I think the whole thing hilarious. There are people going out dressed like idiots just because a bunch of 12 year old “Singers” do it…it’s so ridiculous. Also, why do you all where the same colour chinos? Always the puke brown/green colour? What’s that about?

20120313-070740 p.m..jpg

The whole “let’s all be the same” mentality is something I have never understood. Not because I’m against trends or anything it’s just because I don’t get involved in fads and have my own mind, I don’t need the approval of others nor do I feel the need to “fit in” with a crowd.

These people are everywhere! I was out on Saturday night and there were two lads, easily late 20s, standing at the bar in their One Direction uniform complete with Justin Beiber haircut. Are people this easily led? It has given me an idea.

I am going to form my own boyband and win the X Factor next year. Obviously I need four other lads to complete my boyband. I will be the tough one and Rory has called the sweet one role. I need three more guys to fill the following roles.

  • The talented one.
  • The slightly too old one.
  • The shy one with the drug problems.
  • The plan is to wear ludicrous clothes on tele and see if it takes off…which it will. The plan is…fishermen. That’s right the group will dress in big rubber waders and old man caps. We will be known as “The Style Brigade” and bitches will go wild for us while impressionable lads will dress in our gear. Can’t you just see it? A nightclub filled with guys dressed as fishermen?

    20120313-071147 p.m..jpg

    I’m sure they can accessorize to stand out from the crowd of fellow fans. Buckets, nets, knives, rods and small boats. The possibilities are endless folks! Those lads can stand there boiling in their outfit while I sit at home counting my millions. Stupider, more pointless things have caught on…like iPads and pet rocks…so I’m fairly confident this idea will make me Eleventy Bajillion Dollars.

    You’re welcome,

    About thecityfathers

    We sit around all day stroking our beards, clucking our tongues and discussing what's to be done with this Homer Simpson
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    2 Responses to An Experiment…

    1. Connor D says:

      Can I be the slightly to old one? I have a beard, like captain birdseye, it looks good in wellies

      • Cool you’ve got the job. But we have to play this the way the Bee-sharps did. The wife…keep it quiet.

        Manager – “Lots of women will want to have sex with you and we want them to think that they can!”

        Homer – “Oh if I explain it to Marge that way I’m sure she will understand”

        Now all we need is the talented one and the shy one with the drug problems….the search continues. Man who knew setting up a boyband could take this long? It’s been like 4 days and we still only have 3 members! (hehe members)

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