The Crying Man City Fan

I have had a horrible time of it this week. Work was an absolute nightmare everyday and I was fairly sick for most of it. Friday night came around and I was still furious and Saturday rolled in and I was still a bit upset. It seemed like nothing would pick up my spirits…until today…

20120311-043236 p.m..jpg

Manchester United are top of the league this evening, clear of the noisy neighbors by one sexy point! Goooooood times. United won 2 nil while City were beaten away to Swansea by a late goal. Luke Moore I could kiss you! It’s such a shame neither of these games were on TV so I could flip out and make an ass out of myself in one of Galways fine pubs!

I was happy enough with the result until twitter exploded with pics of this guy. I nearly cried with delight. You sir have made my shitty week float away and I salute you. Enjoy your trip home Crying City Fan!

20120311-043819 p.m..jpg

Hahahaha, look at his face! That’s right cry you bastard, cry the tears of a broken man!

Oh I’m so happy. This lad is miserable and that makes me feel good. Is it sick? Am I demented? No, I just like seeing supporters of shit clubs suffer and this guy suffered!

Now, United. Don’t fuck this up please. We are a point clear with 10 games left, one of them being an away trip at City. We can beat them there and already have this season in the cup. Do not drop points until then you bastards! My heart can’t take much more of this crazy ass season.

A 20th title is staring us in the face so come on, no more shit results ya?

20120311-044553 p.m..jpg

I’m so happy, so happy. So you know what that means….

You’re Welcome,


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