Steves Book Review: III

Hi there and welcome back to Steve’s book corner. Take a seat and help yourself to some fine scotch.

I don’t mind telling you sexy people that I am having a bad time of it at work. It’s just driving me insane lately and seeing as iv been there so long maybe it’s time to move on? But to where and how? Ireland is not exactly flush with jobs for people as abrasively confident and charismatic as myself. Bosses these days want people they can manipulate easily and pay peanuts to and I’m not about to leave one hellhole only to jump face first into another.

So how do I find that elusive perfect job? It must be out there somewhere surely? I decided to have a look around a few top quality book retailers for an inspirational self help type offering, you know…something that will put fire under my ass and fill me with that “Can Do” attitude. Did I find it? You better believe it buddy.

20120307-071711 p.m..jpg
Sesame Street: I can do it!

When you need a pick me up, something to get your career on track, this is easily the best book to look to. I honestly have learned so much from the gang.

The plot, in a nutshell, is about progressing through your day with a positive outlook. Elmo really helped me see that finding the negatives on a daily basis is only holding me back. We start in the bedroom where you are asked to find matches of items…socks, lamps, toys etc.

At first I found this very tricky and I needed A LOT of help for the first two pages but after that it was childs play. I was flying through the magnificently illustrated cardboard pages finding the positive items with relative ease. I believe this is a device used by the author to teach us that life is all about learning as we go, finding a rhythm in the routine of daily life and doing it with a can do attitude! It is genius.

The Good

  • It is a challenging read that is slow to get going but that is the genius of it, the points are not rammed down your throat…you learn your own way.
  • Cardboard pages…great touch. My hands were never in danger of paper cuts and they were really fun to chew on.
  • I took genuine life lessons away from it and my mood has drastically improved.
  • Really top notch illustrations helped to add colour to the piece.
  • There was one really funny chapter in the book. It was set at a birthday party and had clowns and animals and all sorts, it was superb. There was a banner that read “Happy Birthday Cookie”…those silly sillies… a cookie doesn’t have birthdays! Ohh you guys!!
  • The Bad

  • It helped me so much that I became that “overly happy” guy at work. Luckily my co-workers gave me a proper bayyyytin and I was back to normal.
  • It’s TOO good…
  • So there you have it. If you hate your job and everything about your life this is the book to turn to before you consider suicide. Im sure you are reading this in bed or on the couch late at night so il leave you with this to send you off to happy happy SleepyTown…

    20120307-074344 p.m..jpg

    26 Steves out of 5!

    You’re welcome,


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