Advertising Whores

I got my tv hooked up in my New apartment in America. I never thought TV here was as great as Americans make it out to be. My Only exposure before was Very minimal and mostly from hotels with basic cable. I just got hooked up with an Advanced package and it is amazing. The amount of channels for the money would make you weep, there’s something like 70 High Def channels and HBO movie channels all for less than Sky TV at home. But it comes at a cost.

Yes, I got to watch Premier League soccer in High Def without paying huge money for the privilege. But you see my simple friends you get hustled all throughout the match. It is relentless. I watched the 2002 World Cup here and it wasn’t nearly this bad. The coverage was terrible but the advertising was similar to home. Now the coverage is a bit better with English based commentary and Warren Barton as a pundit. But the advertising. Jesus wept!

I counted that every 4 minutes an ad for custom jerseys appeared at the bottom of the screen or Soccer T-shirts. On top of that a little ad appeared by the Fox logo, inter changing from Budweiser to Verizon etc.

I remember watching an interview before with some legendary soccer players and they were asked If soccer can ever take off in America. The answer was no because there’s not enough advertising possibilities. Well, it looks like they found some!

There was even an ad for Irish soccer jerseys for St Patricks Day. Are you serious Bro!?

The price of having a 24 hour high def soccer channel…I guess…

I just blogged my brains out,


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2 Responses to Advertising Whores

  1. Steve says:

    Rory…a 24 hour HD football channel?! You just made my mind up for me. Nuts to Canada! USA USA USA

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