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Feminism Gone Wrong

So for some reason I put on the music channels a lot when working on the laptop, I think it’s because I don’t listen or watch it, I just want the background noise and it can’t be something that would … Continue reading

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Shower of Bastards

It’s Friday and as usual I am listening to the Earth Wind and Fire greatest hits CD on repeat to emphasize how I happy I am that I don’t have to work for a couple of days. This pleases me … Continue reading

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Song of the Day: Jungle Blues by CW Stoneking

My friend Sean told me about this guy about 9 months ago. He happened upon him walking back to his tent at Electric Picnic and was blown away. He knew I liked a lot of the same music so he … Continue reading

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My thoughts on Irish Third Level

DISCLAIMER: Steve doesn’t want any part of this blog entry because he would still like to experience some entry with his part into one or more of Galways college girl population. If you haven’t read any of my blogs yet … Continue reading

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Guest Blog: Oisin Vs The Human Body

So the second in our series of Guest Posts comes from our good friend Oisin. Even though he likes rugby we keep him around because he attracts women with his personality which is less abrasive than ours. A solid wingman … Continue reading

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Song of the day…

Back in the early 00s I worked for a furniture company, i loved it. The work itself was fairly difficult but long journeys in a van sitting on my ass made up for that! The first van we had was … Continue reading

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Prick of the week 9!

That’s right, its back. I had to shelve this feature a few weeks ago because I found myself actively seeking people to piss me off but luckily this week I didn’t have to look far. We have been having spectacular … Continue reading

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