RAG Week 2012 Conclusion

So RAG Week went ahead and once again the student population of Galway showed what ugly human beings they can be. I realize I am generalizing but honestly you good students can’t stand by these brats, take offence if you want by me using the word students but since it was a student event complete with posters on the fuckin University campus advertising events then I’m going to use that word freely, if you want to piss and moan about how I use it go ahead. I think your energy would be better aimed towards your colleagues who are casting a dark shadow over all of you.

The videos posted are disturbing some of the comments calling these people legends is even more disturbing. It’s time to put the foot down. People made the argument that if the students left Galway would be fucked. I’d argue that if the workers left, Galway would be even more fucked. So what does that logic mean? Should there just be anarchy throughout all social divides? As a worker can Steve go to the University campus and shoot a flare into a crowded place? Would he be called a legend by anyone?

So how do you fix this situation? Easy. Get the colleges throughout the country to enforce their code of conduct which already exists. Now, we are not talking about a small minority which people had suggested on the previous post. We are talking about a very large, vocal minority. The only way to handle this is to do what the police in England do with football hooligans (Which seems extra relevant considering the English accents the people in who’s the sexy Garda put on chanting..I don’t get that, like people who chant United in an English accent in Ireland but that’s a rant for another day…sheeple). Arrest people retrospectively, use the video to make arrests, anybody  seen jumping around and cheering while this shit was happening should be done for disturbing the peace, the people standing on tables or lighting flares etc. Should be charged with more. Inciting a riot would be a good one to use. Drunk and disorderly. And then what? These people have failed to represent their colleges in a suitable manner and so they should be suspended, they should also have their grant payments stopped.

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4 Responses to RAG Week 2012 Conclusion

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  2. neal says:

    Usually in a riot situation property is damaged and. people are injured. How much damage was done? How many were injured? If the gaurds had been heavy handed things could have turned very nasty. Credit to them they didnt. I have seen bins set on fire in years previous during rag week. those are the years you would have been out celebrating too rory. There differance now is all that stuff gets up on youtube proving aple content for callin shows on GB FM.

    • The way you are you talking there would suggest its no worse now than it was in 2003. That there was no Youtube to highlight things. Do you actually think that yourself? Because from my time living in Galway I’d disagree with you. Students did drink during RAG week but things were a lot more centralized with chaos not spilling out onto the streets. I can’t ever remember somebody setting off a flare in the city center or Supermacs being closed down due to a riot inside. Fair play to the Garda alright but now is time to deal with it. There has to be consequences.

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