Rory…we hardly knew ye

Uhhhhhh!! That time has come. Rory leaves for his new job abroad in America in the morning and I don’t know what to do with myself. I’m sure our good buddy Sean is reading this feeling the same thing, perhaps with similar shaped tears in his masculine eyes. Fight those tears buddy, he is going to a better place.

Now I realise I have put up those jokey “Rory Story” things and let’s face it…they were the funniest things you have ever read, be honest and be jealous. Now, however, I find myself at the man emotion stage. Rory landed into my work today to say his final goodbye and to be honest I had no idea how to deal with it. It was the same building a bromance blossomed and it was the building we parted ways…poetic I think.

When I first met Rory his sister was my manager and Rory had been hired while I had gone home for a family bereavement. When I came back to work I thought “Who is this fucker trying to steal my job?” but I lost all of those negative murderous feelings four and a half seconds later when I talked to the guy and copped that he was something special. A man of great integrity and humour. A man filled with hatred for the common man even at the tender age of 19 was exactly the type of friend I needed! It was/is that type of work environment. It was myself, Simone and Rory in “that department” and those were the good old days. Three best mates ‘working’ away and taking the piss out of customers, ahh youth! Simone left a few months later for some fancy dan job and we haven’t seen or heard from her since. I think shes pregnant and living on Jupiter now or something? 🙂 (Sorry Shhaaaamone!)

So Rory worked with me for a good while and Jesus did we have the craic! See my job was a lot more fun back in those days…it is not that way anymore. Que a Clive Deane and Damian Heavin comment, a current and past member of staff should provide a good insight! Rory and I formed a friendship that lasts to this day. We discovered that we both love wrestling and hate shite music and knobhead customers and it was all up from there!

Rory also left but my god did he leave with a bang!!! I’m sure most of the people reading this are aware of the story so there is no point telling it on here for so many reasons! I will never forget my boss giving off to me because of that email for the rest of my days! But that’s Rory for you, controversy creates cash as a man once said.

Myself and Rory, I wouldn’t say drifted apart, but we defiantly weren’t as close as we are know. We eventually got our bromance back on track and spent our Saturday’s watching football in the pub and I cannot tell you how much craic that was. We are complete nerds and always found a way to shoehorn a simpsons quote into any situation while abusing the rugby types, good times!

20120222-115738 p.m..jpg
“Tell you what, get some rope!”

With all the good times would come the bad times. I was in a bad way in late 2010 after a personal devastation and Rory was the first of two of “my friends” to give me a leg up when I needed it. It’s funny that two of my mates that I met down in Galway were there for me while none of the lads I grew up with were? Controversial. The other lad knows who he is and I am also forever in his debt. Cheers rugby boy 🙂

My favourite Rory story is this. Rory, Oisin and I were laid out on the couches in Fagans one Saturday watching football. A load of women walked in and did the whole “Ahhhhhhhhh I haven’t seen you in over 3 minutes” thing. Rory sits bolt upright and says “There are women in our sports bar!” I want that quote on my headstone!

I’m not quite sure what I’m trying to say here overall but somebody needs to tell this eegit how they feel about him so I have stepped up!! I would have said all of this to him today but I would have been an emotional mess (and I was) and thought this was easier (which it is not!).

I will miss the Saturday daytime beers watching football and the Saturday night Spanish Arch Hotel beers going to listen to actual music by Riff Raff. I have no idea how to plan my weekends now!

So here it is. You sir have made my life 1000 times better and I feel privileged to have met you. You are the most deserving person of what has happened to you and I’m sure Seanie agrees. Never look back and I wish you the best.

I will miss the Saturday beers and texting you when the new Madden comes into stock!

You made this website happen and for that I am eternally grateful. It has changed my life. Everything is now “blog topic”.

Thank you for everything and make the most of it broseph. Woo Woo Woo, You know it!

Put that in your emotions,


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One Response to Rory…we hardly knew ye

  1. Damien says:

    yeah it was a big bag of balls, stuck up mummy’s and general wankers.. staff were great though

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