My Top 5 Comedians

I’ve been reading a few top 10 and top 5 lists the last couple of days and also just happened to find myself watching a lot of Stand Up Comedy and old Conan and Letterman interviews. The only criteria I have for my list is that they have to do stand up, even if they are a great comedic actor, the also have to be a stand up comedian. I couldn’t justify a top 10 but I did my top 5 and my honourable mentions. I’m sure I’m forgetting somebody but for now this is it. So here’s my list:

5.) Norm MacDonald

His last standup special was very good. He’s a Canadian stand up comic that was also a comedy writer for tv shows like Roseanne, he starred in a few unsuccessful sitcoms and was also a cast member on Saturday Night Live doing the Weekend Update segment which is a bit where he’s a fake news anchor. He got fired from that gig for telling O.J Simpson Jokes as one of the heads of the network was good friends with O.J. He has done Cameos in Adam Sandler movies and starred in a movie he wrote called Dirty Work. He’s very intellectual but sounds like a bumbling drunk. One of his trademarks is purposely telling awful, lame jokes to purposely bomb because he finds that funny and is considered a Comedians Comedian.

Bastards NBC Cut the video I wanted to post of him telling his moth joke but I really like this interview he did last year.

4.) Mitch Hedberg

I really like this guy because he is so different and I find his nervousness endearing. He suffered from stage fright and was infamous for this, he once performed a stand up show with his back to the crowd. He unfortunately died quite young back in 2005, drug abuse which messed with a heart defect and killed him. Because he died quite young there isn’t much material of his out there.

3.) George Carlin

This guy was a genius. His comedy was very profound and influenced the likes of Bill Hicks and Louis CK. Without him they would not exist. The only reason I have him at 3 is because for my own personal tastes he was a bit too aggressive with his comedy. He did a bit decades ago about the 7 words you can’t say on TV that made him a huge deal and appeared on Bill Mahers show a lot towards the end. He was also in Bill and Ted and Jay and Silent Bob!!

2.) Richard Pryor

This guys attitude was infectious. I love watching his movies and his stand up. It just gives you a happy positive feeling. His stand up was mostly race based which I get kind of fed up of. Thus no Dave Chappelle or Chris Rock on the list. They are all very funny comedians in their own right and can nail a non-race joke too. It’s just a lot of the material is focused on it which kind of sucks. But I love this guy. He unfortunately died of MS a few years ago. A very sad end to a great man.

1.) Louis CK

This guy is just Great! He seems like a guy who got to a point in his life and just gave up being PC. He’s a negative guy and doesn’t try to hide it, instead he embraces it and finds humor from things he hates. He has a great TV Show called Louie which is really dark but very funny. He seems to be such a great father even though he goes to town on his wife and kids in a lot of his gigs. The amazing thing about Louis is, he completely changes his routine every year. He also recently cut out the middle man completely and paid to make his own comedy special and sold it for 5 dollars online. And the stand up is excellent! Some of his best stuff, I find myself thinking about things he has said during his interviews and stand up when I find myself in certain circumstances. Watch this guy, you won’t regret it.

Honourable Mentions

It’s funny I only feel the need to add these guys because looking back over my list. All but one of the Comedians I picked is American and I thought to myself there has to be some here that I like. Firstly I do not like Tommy Tiernan or Des Bishop. I can handle Ed Byrne, his stand up is quite good but overall he gets on my nerves. Anyway here’s some British Based (Although 2 are from North America again, sorry) Comedians that should get a mention

Dara O’Brian…By far the best Irish comedian going

Reggie D Hunter. Another one my friend Sean introduced me to. He’s UK based but originally American.

Francis Stewart. Canadian guy, actually has one of the funniest routines going, only problem is he hasn’t updated it in over 10 years!

Stephen Wright. This guy tells very profound, clever One Liners. Not for everybody though.

I just blogged my brains out,



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