The Suarez Evra Handshake

Good name for a band ey? Now before I go any further I should state that I am a Manchester United supporter but that will have nothing to do with what I say from here on in. This stuff over the last few days has been driving me mad. Luis Suarez didn’t shake the hand of Patrice Evra and the media has gone absolutely insane. Why now?

Luis Suarez was found guilty of racially abusing another player and the media offered no opinion merely broadcasting the fact that he had been found guilty. Neither did the media react to the fact that Patrice Evra was roundly booed at Anfield a few weeks ago in the cup. The media did not react to the laughable T-Shirts worn in support for Suarez by the Liverpool squad warming up for a game after the conviction. The media did not react when Liverpool backed the convicted player to the highest degree and neither did the media react to Kenny Dalglish making a complete mug of them ever since the whole affair started. Why now?

20120213-083931 p.m..jpg

Il tell you why. The mass media are TERRIFIED of big clubs and their fans. It is much easier to pick on one player than an entire club and that’s why it’s all coming flying out of the presses today. These journalists and various commentators have been biting their tongue for months and now they can get the knives out…and boy did they.

Liverpool FC have handled this whole thing terribly from the very start. I mentioned all of the mistakes in a previous paragraph so there’s no need to write it again. The owners had to step in and force those apologies that spewed out yesterday, make no mistake. It even came out today that their shirt sponsors, Standard Chartered, have expressed grave concern about the handling of the situation. There is no way Kenny would have made that apology without being forced, you know that and so do I. Suarez made a similar apology for his actions but, just like Liverpool Football Club, has failed to apologise to Patrice Evra. Why is nobody talking about this? A player refuses to shake the hand of another and the world stops turning…but nobody seemed to flip out when Suarez was convicted…why? Because as I have already said above it is way easier to pick on a player (especially a diving, cheating, shoulder biting, convicted of racist abuse “foreign” player) than a club.

20120213-085801 p.m..jpg

Now Luis Suarez has done himself no favours with his conduct throughout his career of filth-tastic actions. Hes a filthy diving scumbag that has very little redeeming qualities. Remember when he handled the ball on the line that robbed Ghana of a certain winner in extra time of world cup quarter final? Remember when he bit a PSV player on the shoulder? Remember when he flipped off the Fulham fans and remember when he was a big racist?! You wouldn’t run to the Garda station to give a character reference for him now would you?

The fact is however that he is a superb player. If he would only stop diving like a little sissy he would be much easier to like. He is in a very elite group of players that have scored over 100 goals for Ajax. The other include Johan Cruyff, Marco Van Basten and Dennis Bergkamp…not bad ey? 111 goals in 159 games is a ridiculously good record.

This leads me to my next point. Alex Ferguson is in no position to say that Suarez “should never play for Liverpool again”. Who is he to say that? That was bang out of order in my opinion. Let’s remember some of the things that Fergie has had to deal with in his time.

20120213-091807 p.m..jpg
King Eric Kung-fu kick

20120213-091910 p.m..jpg
THAT incident

20120213-092022 p.m..jpg
The Ryan Giggs Ride-A-Thon

20120213-092106 p.m..jpg
Kicking a boot at Beckham

So come off it Fergie…you’ve had your difficult issues too. That was out of order. You haven’t commented on the whole thing until now but you really put your foot in it.

So to sum all of this poorly structured shambles of a blog post up…

After the total of all of this stuff since the initial incident. Suarez is a disgrace. Liverpool are disgrace due their handling of it. Fergie should never have said what he did. But my major problem with the whole thing (apart from the racism obviously!) is the media jumping all over Suarez when he finally slips up. They had ages to call him every name under the sun for his conviction and for his general cheating scumbag ways but they didn’t…they waited until he broke protocol and they let him have it. The whole thing makes me sick. How does this make the sport look in this day and age?

Get rid of the handshakes before games, it’s only a new thing anyway so it won’t be missed. If you want to shake a players hand go do it regardless but don’t make two players that hate each other shake hands for the sake of the cameras. It’s stupid and needless.

Racism is to be condemned in any form in any walk of life. The media have not taken this up, they seem more interested in a silly handshake. Kick racism out, not Suarez. He is just a clown that obviously had no idea what he did…and Evra is no angel. It is a situation that has gotten out of control because Liverpool Football Club never handled it in the correct way.

Kick Racism Out, but do it right.

Kenny…Cop on.
Liverpool fans…shut up.

Fergie…Come off it.
Man Utd fans…shut up.

Put that in your blog,
Steven Murphy
Manchester United Fan.

P.S. Carlos Tevez is back in town! Something tells me this little handshake incident is about to go away…


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2 Responses to The Suarez Evra Handshake

  1. Alex says:

    Fergie has dealt with all of the incidents sublimely.
    Ferguson is in complete control and you missed the entire point of management COMPLETELY. Protect your players, say something outrageous to distract the media.
    Job well fucking done by SAF.
    Compared to Dalglish…god, he’s a PR nightmare/wet dream.
    However, NONE of these incidents compare to a racial storm towards another professional football player.
    I’m ashamed that you and this blog are supposedly +United.

    • You sir need to read that whole thing again and cop yourself on. I quote from your abortion of a comment…

      “you missed the entire point of management COMPLETELY. Protect your players, say something outrageous to distract the media.”

      How is what ferguson said distracting the media you clown?!!! He might as well have thrown petrol on a metaphorical fire on live global television. How was saying that going to distract the media?!

      Furthermore how is that going to protect his player? Are you well in the head? I love how you tried to seem like you know what you’re talking about by putting a word in capitol letters…how ironic. You hurt my brain with your stupidity.

      Also, I in no way compared racial abuse to the stupid shit united players have done. I just said that Fergie should know better than to say something like that when he has had more public disasters to deal with than anybody else…usually caused by his own stupidity. You should know that. You sir drink the Fergie Kool-Aid and probably think Nani should be allowed to play for United ya?

      A lot of the time he is dead right to say what he says but he gets away with some ridiculous shit! You know, like Nani? He should never have said that. Imagine Kenny coming out saying another player should never be allowed to play for United…you would flip your lid.

      Don’t get me wrong, i love SAF, I just offered some balance to the argument. This website is in no way, as you put it, +United. I’m guessing you mean pro united? I am a united fan but that doesn’t mean the site has to a United site does it? Can’t I offer balanced opinions?

      I do however agree with you about SAF and Dalglish handling, poor aul Kenny needs his head examined! The things he has come out with over the last few months have been outrageous…I’d rather a broken toenail in charge of a club than him! As detailed in the piece above, which i hope you will read again, I just feel Fergie waited in the long grass (just like the media) and pounced at the first chance. Imagine what he would have said if that Suarez goal was the winner in a 1-0 loss! Haha

      Thanks for the comment and keep reading. I don’t mean to sound harsh but you started it! Cheers man, keep reading the blog!


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