Galway RAG Week 2012

UPDATE: Part2 (Conclusion I wrote after RAG Week 2012)

So this week is Novena in Galway. Which is a religious gathering, for years it’s also unfortunately been timed for the same week as an event called RAG week in Galway. Which is a week which originally was an initiative which saw students trying to raise money for different charities but it descended into an exploration of how shitty you can be to other human beings. Wealth, Greed and Selfishness started to raise it’s ugly head in the third level student population around the mid 2000’s (Celtic Cubs) and from there on, each year the first year students got more rowdy and RAG week got worse and worse for those working in the service industry and the actual residents of Galway.

After the unholy war that occurred last year (Students congregated in an estate, set a fire, fire brigade was called, when they got there the students turned on them and started throwing bottles..I wasn’t there as I was out of the country travelling for WORK at the time but this is what I read) the University was asked to cancel RAG week this year, Students threw a hissy fit, which is what they do due to being spoiled little cock suckers, but I digress, The University could not just cancel the week as the Students Union refused and the students pissed and moaned, so a compromise was reached. The University decided to provide extra funding for the Students Assistance fund in return for the cancellation. A fund for students who financially struggle to get through college…this was agreed but now there’s a little army of these cock suckers trying to plan an unofficial RAG week through social media sites…Are you serious Bro!?

It’s not enough that you already belong to the most pampered in our society, other than the fuckin’ lecturers themselves of course! But you have to get a week to tear the hole out of this city!?  Why don’t you crawl back up into your mothers nasty, disease ridden cooch and die you cunts. Rather than feel the need to revolt against society because they took away your piss up, why not revolt against the people that acted out the last few years that got it cancelled? Oh yeah, because that’s you! Eat shit. Shit..what a great segway. Just like the business next to where Steve lives, which had to chip the paint off the walls of their premises after un-successfully trying to power hose off the human shit that was smeared over their wall during RAG week last year. You fuckin’ monkeys.

How about the year, on one day I witnessed a guy lying down in front of the Taxi rank to stop the Taxis from being able to take passengers, a gang of 15 or so students who hopped onto the back of the learners Truck, a guy who stopped a woman that was pushing her baby in a pram to lean into the child and scream in it’s face, the dickhead who went up to an elderly couple at the bottom of Shop St, who were walking their dog and started to actually chase the dog (He fell face first onto the ground but come on!) or the assholes who decided to walk on top of a parked car down near Dominick Street..On the same day I heard from people that a guy pissed into the mailbox at GPO. This is only one day of the 5 day event as recollected by me. Other people have lots more to add, particularly Steve who lives right in the middle of town. Other than my own personal experience you can check the figures on the number of students arrested and cost to the taxpayers due to damage, A&E visits, extra security etc.

The usual student come back to this is well what about Race Week? I also don’t like race week but I’d tolerate that as it’s a sporting event and has a broader audience, people also usually take off WORK to attend it. A lot of the cocks from RAG week also go to race week anyway. What is RAG week really? It’s a week off from college that is a piss up…some students say they deserve a week off to relax because of all the pressure of being a student. You have over 3 months off during the college year, shut the fuck up. The people of Galway deserve better than what they currently get living in the city, the Gardaí are as useful as tits on a bull, the colleges and pubs around town do nothing to help resolve the problems and obviously the students parents couldn’t give a shit also,  as little Billy Fuckface isn’t annoying them or looking for some sort of attention they are happy to be rid of him. Lets put a permanent end to RAG week, it was a celebration of how shit our third level education system is and the gluttony of the Grant getting wankers and/or students fuckwit parents…nothing more.

I just blogged my brains out,




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  2. Neal says:

    One more thing… Galway, at the end of the day, is a student town. If you take away the 15,000 students and 2,000 staff in NUIG and more GMIT there would be massive job losses in the services industry, not just pubs and clubs but cafes, restaurants, printers, Laptop repair not to mention fat cat landlords would be out of pocket (but I don’t think anyone has sympathy for them!).

  3. jj says:

    Shut the fuck up you killjoy just because you had no friends doesn’t mean you’ve to take it out on those that did.KNOBHEAD.

    • You gotta love anonymous slander! Cheers “JJ”

      • Has everybody seen the videos from Wednesday night of rag week outside Supermacs?…. Now I will be honest and say they most likely were not all students from Galway judging by the rest of the week.

        I feel the piece is vindicated regardless. Rag week is just rediculous. It is a chance for the idiot element of the student population of Galway/Mayo and elsewhere to go nuts with little fear of legal reprimand. The piece you have read was a generalization, it was just a bit of fun with a few serious points thrown in.

        These videos prove us right. Look them up and get back to us.

        Cityfather 1 The idiot element of the Galway Students 0

    • Thanks JJ, Keep reading the blog! You are a shining beacon for the future of this country during dark times and I salute you.

  4. Ciara says:

    Please stop bashing the grant, everyone has the right to education, not just the rich in our society, and without the grant, people wouldn’t have the chance to further their education at all. It’s not “free money”, its a way that people who are less fortunate than others can try and take the first steps to a life better than the one they grew up with. You don’t appear to understand that concept at all.

    • No offense Ciara but what are you talking about? Nobody has the right to a college education. It’s something a person chooses to do. It’s their own risk to take. I just think a loan system would be better and would actually put people on a more level playing field. I know a lot of people who got turned down for a grant and had to bust their asses to pay their own way whilst people with grants coasted by. With a loan system people could still get the education they want and the pay back to the country that gave them the education in the first place. I took a loan during college and paid it back in my first year of work with relative ease. It would stop people from ducking around after college, make people consider whether a masters or PhD is actually for them rather than just better than doing unskilled labour and ensure people aren’t just getting an education here and leaving after the free ride

      • Ciara says:

        I see your point of course, but just because someone gets a grant does not mean they can “coast by” without a worry in the world. I am entitled a grant, and the impression I get from your posts are that, because I get a grant, I’m greedy and mooching off society for my own party lifestyle when in reality nothing is further from the truth. A grant won’t pay for more than a few months rent in college, not to mention books, food, medicine, transport, esb, TV, internet etc. Not everyone is in the position where they have parents who can help them if they need it. Even with this grant, and a part time job, I had to take out a loan in first year which I am still struggling to pay back every week. I pay for absolutely everything I need out of my own pocket, while helping out with money at home. I know the kind of people you talk about, who use the grant for their recreational endevours and nothing else but not everyone uses their grant for drink and drugs, and beautiful clothes. There are people who use it as it should be used because they have no choice in the matter anyway. They genuinely need it. There’s so many situations that people are in at home that you’re not taking into account. Of course people aren’t on a level playing field, each individual situation that each student is not the same, so why should everyone be treated the same? Why should a family with one child to support and two working parents be treated the same as a family who has lost a parent and has to support four or more children on nothing more than a widowers pension or disability benefit or whatever?
        As for your loans point, yeah it’s a good idea in theory but the banks are in shite and are veeeerrry reluctant to give anyone money, never mind risky students. To be granted loans, you need to have certain criteria, and, in most cases for a student loan, a person who, in the event of being unable to pay back the loan, will help the student out. Not everyone has that and not everyone can afford to pay back loans by June, which is the agreement in most cases.
        I know you’re only having the craic with these blogs and I actually enjoy reading them but seriously, just leave the grant out of it. It’s a woeful touchy subject with us poverty stricken minions. However I may be able to forgive ye if I can have a part in Steves movie.

        • I hear ya Ciara. The idea of the loan system would be like in other countries in which the person would get the loan interest free for 3 years. I think in most countries with student loans the government is backing them so its not a case of the banks being at huge risk. I was a poor minnion in college, worked full time hours most weeks. No holidays. Finishing college was a relief to me because it meant I’d be able to focus on one thing and get 2 days off for sure. Hang in there, its tough. Don’t know what it’s like in the Uni for the student assistance fund but that could be worth a go if you are stuck. When I was in college it seemed to be more of a case of whoever was buddy buddy with the SU would be favoured for the Assistance fund, or at least that’s how I perceived it. Granted I was bitter because I was turned down. The blo has a lot of generalizations because its meant to be entertaining. The way I’d suggest people to take this up is take all the offense in the world if you go out 2 or 3 nights a week. If you don’t it doesn’t apply to you. All men are pigs ya know…when a woman says that I don’t get offended, a lot of men treat women like shit so I get where they are coming from. Thanks for being fair in your comments

  5. Phil Keegan says:

    With all this Rag week bashing people often forget that without the students galway would wither and die. They bring money to the city not to mention all the jobs that are attracted to the city because of the large amount of graduates. I suggest that next time you decide to go on some crude and childish rant about rag week stop and think would your job be here if they weren’t?

    • Dear Phil,

      “without students Galway would wither and die” I don’t even need to say anything there. Thanks for the comment.

      And no, neither of our jobs are affected by students. Much like every other business in town that doesn’t sell beer or taco fries.

  6. Connor says:

    I’m not gonna weigh in on the student thing, it is a generalization which in fairness to you, you did point out! My major beef is with all the “educated” people critisizing the article for being hateful, saying that students by nature are trying to better themselves and then endlessly using the words “fags” “queers” and “retards”, you wanna talk about hatred, how about that….my advice, keep working on “bettering” yourself because buddy, YOU have a long way to go!!!!!!

  7. clivelovetobeascoolassteve says:

    Hi rory ….long time reader first time writer…PLEASE do another rag week type write up….im pissing my self ere…. I would like to add only one point which is students are FUN to fuck….. 🙂 I really do love the students in this town…..anyway keep up the good work thecityfathers ….Xx

  8. Kay says:

    I would advise you delete this as you are extremely ill-informed on the whole situation regarding the banning of RAG week.

    • Can you tell me what part is ill informed since I’ve formed my opinion from my own first hand experience of the week and things I’ve actually witnessed. Bar the piss in the letter box which could be myth I heard that from a few other people from RAG week 2009

  9. Steve says:

    Jesus… You really need have sex or something, because your obviously a lonely, frustrated individual. Your rash generalization of students is as moronic as it is arrogant, telling the ENTIRE student population to “crawl back up into your mothers nasty, disease ridden cooch and die you cunts.” Although you may feel that your imagery is creative and controversial, I can assure you that it is frankly retarded. Furthermore your hypocrisy in these comment sections is overwhelming. Honestly, how can you write that ” there have been the odd few that sent comments that made a few half decent points but then ruined their entire argument by calling us “Retarded” or “Gay”. ” When at one point in your article you tell students to ” eat shit… You fuckin’ monkeys. ”
    Do us all a favor and take a long walk off of a short cliff.

  10. Frankie says:

    In all fairness your bringing along this hatred yourself. If you argued your case in an civilized manner instead of basically calling all students cunts you wouldn’t have got such a backlash. Its for this reason you sound like absolute pricks. Next time you give a viewpoint tone it down so people can see where your coming from instead of just trying to get a reaction for the sake of one. For all you say about them your not much better.

  11. Shiteinabucket says:

    Few naggins. be grand.

  12. Marty says:

    hey thecityfathers ye guys are so true with what ye have been saying, totally agree with it. I will point out though it is good the amount of money the students spend in the city each and every week, i will say that much but i don’t know how much of that money is spent on drink to cause trouble to people of my beloved city

    keep up the good work

    • Thanks Marty. This blog is also meant to be entertaining. I know the students contribute a lot of revenue to the local businesses around the city. To be honest I don’t know what the actual break down is and I wouldn’t speculate on it because I’d be making a wild assumption, I would feel though that many other non-students contribute just as much if not more and don’t need to be at the mercy of the vocal minority. Thanks for having the decency to discuss what you feel is wrong with the post in a respectful manner. I suspect the people cursing us out are the one’s who feel they are entitled to a free drinking week to do stupid shit they think is funny.

  13. thecityfathersarequeers says:

    go away and die you old fat queer cunt. i hope your house gets found during rag week and gets burned to its axels you nacker fuck

  14. bigcockman says:

    You’re a pair of fuckin brown boys. get over it.
    yours disrespectfully
    Ura Cunt

    • Thanks for the insight asshole. Make sure not to miss any more lectures. You need all the education you can get.

      • This whole thing makes me so happy. For those of you scumbag students sending us homophobic, violent and borderline illegal messages I thank you. You have proved a point. Then again there have been the odd few that sent comments that made a few half decent points but then ruined their entire argument by calling us “Retarded” or “Gay”. You have to love the irony in the whole thing!

        Barring the actual hard working, non social terrorist students…point proven…by you the dumbass student population of Galway. Cheers for proving us right lads. Oh by the way enjoy Australia you unemployable cunts, tell the aul fella the money is for books.

  15. John F says:

    I debated for a while over whether to leave a comment or not, as it would take too long to even try and get my point across to such an arrogant, narrow minded fool such as yourself, however I feel it is my obligation to bring it to your attention that you sir, need to get a life. Aside from the fact that you clearly have too much time on your hands, you also seem to have a fairly serious personality disorder.
    I am a student in NUIG and have seen most of the happenings of rag weeks. I am in no way condoning the terrible things you “witnessed” during rag week, however I think you are being led on too much by the hype that rag week brings. Obviously most of the students, and probably even more locals and visitors to the city drink an awful lot that week and some bad things happen, but it is being blown way out of proportion. Apparently 37 arrests were made during rag week last year, however I would like to know how many arrests be made on a regular week? I doubt if the number is significantly less, and that is without the extra guards they bring into the city for rag week with their quotas of arrests that they must make.
    And besides all this, think on the money it generates for galway city. You keep mentioning this ‘work’ you do, and I would be surprised if your work is not affected by students in the city, as it is a predominantly student driven city. Even on a normal week, the money being pumped into the city is massive. On average between rent, food and everything, each student would spend around €130, considering there are over 17,000 students, I would not be surprised if there is over 2 million euro being brought to galway by students each week. And this is not your tax payers money either, this is hard earned cash. I know myself I had to work 50 hours a week for the past 4 summers to get enough money for college, and I still have to try work part time during college. I would estimate 80% of my college friends are working but still struggle to pay for college.
    I cant believe how someone can be so narrow minded! Obviously bad things happen, but how can you insult every single student the way you did in this blog? I know students are lazy, go out a lot etc etc, but what were you doing when you were that age? And as for your outrageous claim that “Wealth, Greed and Selfishness started to raise it’s ugly head in the third level student population around the mid 2000′s (Celtic Cubs)”, I couldn’t disagree more! We students are not the ones that caused any of that and we certainly are not the “Celtic Cubs” of it all, if anything we are the ones paying for it most!
    I believe you are the type of person that would find something to complain about anywhere you were, but I just hope that someday you might start to realise that nobody cares what your opinion is.

    • Nobody cares?, only you cared enough to comment on it fella! 😉 That’s just what this is, it’s my opinion. I am entitled to it, if I want to generalize, I will. My opinion is based on my own life experience. When I was that age I couldn’t afford to drink much. The VEC made some sort of bogus clerical error and so I was deemed unworthy of any assistance and was turned down for the student assistance fund, there was no extra funding provided at the time to appease a bunch of whinging cunts like there is today (which by the way, should they take the money back through next years fund if it does go ahead?). I worked full time hours to support myself , my father was paralyzed and unable to work, My mother worked for little more than minimum wage. Am I a little bitter towards other students? I am now for sure! From when I was in 4th year of college things escalated in this town in regards to students. It seemed to be over run with a bunch of assholes, fun wasn’t going out with friends and having a laugh anymore. It was doing stupid shit to have fun.

      I like how you take to this like I’m being dead serious when I say students as though it’s all. It’s a dramatic statement and a generalization. There’s exceptions to every generalization. When women say all men are pigs do you get upset too? Maybe don’t be so fuckin sensetive.

      For the record. I also am not the one who caused anything here, I didn’t vote for Finna Fail or any of those clowns. I actually have been paying for it a lot more than any poxy fuckin students. Put a monetary value on how much it has cost you and I’ll tell you mine. Let’s compare. I worked extremely hard to get the success that I have. I have been hammered by tax. If I dared to claim overtime, I got even more hammered. You want an extra incentive to work hard as a student? If you do actually get a job and do it well enough to get a raise, you lose. Your raise will be worthless because it will be all taken back off you in taxes, all the while because you are making more there’s even more pressure on you to go the extra mile and put in free overtime. Same pay, more pressure. But hey, at least your tax money will go to a worthy cause..oh wait…

      Also my work is not affected by any students.

      I’ll say one good thing about NUIG. They held a conference around getting more transparency on public spending. I’d like to see the figures on how many students are getting grants or some form of public spending. How much is going to expenses for PhD students, lecturers, staff etc. what is the return on that, are a lot of those people getting the cheap education with the intention of just leaving right away?, are they doing courses without any job prospects in the country? etc. If the 298th best University in the world is not returning a high level of student, is this because they are focused on quantity and not quality? If so, There’s big problems and by the way a professor from NUIG wrote the editorial section of the Advertiser last year concerned about just this, the quality of a degree, masters and PhD in Ireland is being dragged through the mud because every other asshole is getting one because it’s so soft to get one.

      • Sean Flynn (sean) says:

        I was talking to a professor at trinity last week, I was telling him about a friend of mine who put science down first for triners and second for NuiG, he said and quote, “the degree you get at NUIG is better, more in-depth than the trinity course”

        you have no experience of NUIG Education by the sounds of things, so please refrain from making statements on its quality as a education center please

  16. Alex says:

    “So this week is Novena in Galway. Which is a religious gathering, for years”
    So we see a religious burst here…and then

    “Are you implying that I am a homosexual and that there’s something wrong with that? I don’t get it…”
    I personally have no indifference towards gay people but… I’m pretty sure the church would. The church you are trying to make out as victims during ragweek…

    • I’m not religious or spiritual. The Church is not a victim. The people who are respectful to others that attend that event and then get shit on by a bunch of spoiled assholes are victims..get it?

  17. Johnny says:

    I’ll make this simple.
    Galway is a student city and it’s a hub of nightlife.
    I’ve lived here longer than this blogger. Please Rory, go write articles about places and people you know about cause it’s evident you know fuck all.
    Getting rid of ragweek or having ragweek makes no difference because students are going to do what students do regardless of whether you put a title on it!
    It’s not just Galway students partaking in ragweek, it’s students from all along the west of Ireland and their friends who work or are pursuing some other goal.
    All in all, if you are not partaking, shut your ignorant mouth and just don’t partake. If Ragweek makes you want to leave then off with you, nobody could care!
    “We’ll do what we want, we’ll do what we want!”
    Nobody could give a crap about the Novena. It being an event offends me as much as ragweek offends you.

    • Putting a title on it seems to suggest it’s organized and focused on one week. I am leaving… good riddance to yee. See how far being a student town gets yee. Especially when the level of education is piss poor and corrupt.

      P.S RAG Week doesn’t offend me and I’m not religious or spiritual, I just felt bad that the people who went to Novena were peaceful and respectful and got dogs abuse from a bunch of fuckin’ morons.

      I have a great idea, if the week is about charity. Why not kick any student out of college for being drunk and disorderly during the week. It might make people drink more sensibly. If not, it might cover the cost to the tax payer by saving us on 30-40 students grants and fees for the following year. Deal?

  18. Concerned in West Springfield says:

    Entertaining to say the least. The single most pompous insert into any blog I’ve ever seen

  19. Michael D. Higgins says:

    Hi Cityfathers,

    Fuck Off.

    Yours respectfully,
    Mickey D.

  20. Rory says:

    Hey Dave,

    We do both work and as for moving to suburbs. I’m doing one better, I am leaving the country. On the way out I will be getting most of the tax back I have paid the last 2 months. My company will spend months getting approval to hire a replacement, when they do it will be a graduate who will be earning less money than I am as I leave and I feel a little satisfaction knowing that my taxes will no longer be going towards student grants. Also back in 2001, 2002 days with the Black River Inn and that shite things tended to be a lot more civilized, the madness was contained to a few spots. Now it is all over the town. I currently live out a good bit from the city center because my work is outside. I’m not speaking for Steve here but I would think since Steve works in the city it makes more sense for him to live there. No point living outside and paying 600+ for a yearly bus ticket for a bus that may or may not show up, or worse yet driving into the city and paying for parking. I’m lucky I no longer work and thus no longer live in the city itself.

    Also your argument is void because you referenced a Lindsay Lohan movie and used the word retarded.

    P.S We are not “retarded” as you put it, Mentally challenged people tend to be both innocent and kind-natured, We are neither! Keep reading the blog.

    • Sean says:

      i really don’t like you, but i’m happy for you that you found a a boyfriend for yourself, who is just as much of a fucking asshole as you are. talking about students as scumbags. your are some idiot man, students by nature are trying to better themselves, some may be along for the banter, but what harm, the government spends money in much more wasteful ways. the problem with the like of America is only the upper class can afford an educated, and hence it is a society of gobshits bar the upperclass, in Ireland those who cannot afford have the wonderful opportunity to be educated and enjoy being young and free and happy, and if you get some thrill out of depriving people of an education and the time to enjoy their youth, you are not only a moron but a bad person. you have a illusion of this that your intelligent, no man that makes it anywhere in life spends his time blogging about students as scumbags, the people who run the world are all ex students. in society now you need an education, well you can go the long way and start at the bottom like my father and most of his generation had to do but by going to college you save yourself many years of hard labour and jump in higher up the scale. Galway is the greatest city in ireland, the people are amazing and the vibe is brilliant and the student population add to this vibe it bring a air of youth and fun to the city that most cities in Ireland are being drained of due to recession.

      you my friend seem to be craving the attention that this retarded blog is bring,

      save yourself the time and don’t reply to this i just wanted you to think before you speak from now on because your argument is hateful and flawed. if you are going to reply, try consider your argument and try find a way to tell me that myself and the other 22,000 Galway students are all scumbags just bleeding the system. the grant does need to be changed some people do get it that shouldn’t but like nearly all government run systems it is very poorly run.

      my parents support me in college, but i am far pampered let me tell you, privileged yes, one but only because my parents are intelligent enough to realise that college is the greatest experience in life, maybe one your bitter you missed out on, hence this hateful blog and two because i was lucky enough not to be one of your offspring. come to the University talk to the students and i assure you, you will find them to be extremely friendly and fun loving people.

      the president of this country is a NUIGalway graduate. your a small man my friend.

      • You ignored the fact I have stated that I hold a degree, I am working the area I studied for. Are you trying to white wash the fact that because students are trying to better themselves they are entitled to shit all over everybody else? What is your deal? Also the president of this country did study in NUIG…big fuckin’ whoop, so did the guy who is trying to pass SOPA Ireland, you proud of that too?. I have nothing against Micheal D. at all but I couldn’t give a fuck that he is president, it’s an overpaid position that delivers nothing to the people.

        If you want to compare education systems, how about all the other countries in which students do not get grants or subsidized fees? Where the system is set up to make loans more readily available and so the risk is on the students themselves and not the tax payers.

        You are right. Galway is the greatest city in Ireland. It’s a lovely town. But what does that have to do with anything? Do you think it is ok for students to cause destruction or property, break laws and disturb other residents during RAG week..that’s what the blog is about you comment on that?

        Also I do love the attention. I love the hate too, it’s great, I don’t want to be revered by anybody. I want to be my own person.

      • Sean says:

        Well im a first year so none of that was my fault, or any of my peers. and i wasn’t ignorant to it i did not read your comment before i wrote that. I just assumed that no man who was a student would talk about students like that.

        what degree do you have and where did you get it. Galway city is what it is largely due to the University and the IT. I have been out here on a student night and a locals night and i can without dough tell you the vibe on a student night is much less intimidating, we are far from scumbags.

        don’t get me started on the political setting in this country, i fully agree with you but i am proud of any Irish person or any person that manege’s to get themselves a degree and that included you, ya argumentative bolox, it isn’t easy.

        and those graduates that availed of the grant will contribute ten fold in tax to the government; and i would much rather my tax payers money go to them rather than to cover the bad investments made by European banks.
        thats a good point but that fact that isnt available to less well off students isnt the fault of the student but the system and we could be here for twenty years picking flaws in the system
        you can be your own person and be revered, just so happens your person isn’t would revere. Everyone wants to be revered its human nature my friend,

  21. Dave says:

    Wow.. That conversation escalated quickly… Rory & Steve, You may need to lay low for a while because your probably wanted for murder… BANTER murder! Look obviously Galway Rag week is fucking insane!! It made headlines, the news, everything a few years ago.Every student in Ireland was talking about it! I don’t go to the university myself but I have a shit load of friends who go there and apparently tore the city a new arsehole. Between the insanity they told me about and the headlines all over the news, it is safe to say that Galway RAG week made a MASSIVE name for itself. So what do you think happened next? More and more ‘session heads’ (both students and non students) from all over the country decided to join in.. A similar thing happened in London during the riots there a while ago. You may have seen it. Shit got crazy.. One thing history has thought us is that it is basic human nature to want to fuck shit up every once in a while..Simple as! There is nothing else to it… at all… So who’s to blame for all this disgraceful behaviour? The students from NUIG? The students that gatecrash Galway RAG week? (she doesn’t even go here)[see Mean Girls for full citation] The local youth in Galway? Youth in general? The press for letting the rest of the youth know how crazy Galway is urging more and more people to go and fuck shit up? The parents of the youth? The spoiled ways of the ‘Celtic Cubs’? (Scarlett for ya) Capitalism? Alcohol? Drugs? TV? Youtube?….. At this stage, I think you know what’s coming next… Who gives a flying Fuck who’s fault it is? It happens! everywhere! There is no point wasting your time complaining… From the wise words of Jesus Christ… ‘Either join in or jog on’.. If you are having that horrible a time during RAG week.. move to the suburbs or something. Looking at all the references above to ‘WORK’ it seems like you could have the money to do so.. Long story shorter, students aren’t all that bad so don’t go telling them to crawl back into there mothers womb.. To be honest I don’t even know if that is physically possible.. But who knows? With all these new technologies like the Iphone4s and space travel, it could be next on the to-do list.. Regardless, until then, I’d recommend not being so unrealistic.

    Anyway, I better head off. I have an assignment due 4 days ago and I’m only starting it now… because students can get away with stuff like that… #TheFutureOfIreland2k12

    P.S You are both retarded

  22. Rory says:

    What I like the most is that I must be isolated from all the crap that happens all throughout the year and that Galway being vibrant must mean it’s a hellhole full of scumbags. I’ve lived in the city for over 7 years. Steve has lived in it longer. He lives in the belly of the beast and always has. I have lived in a bunch of different places. Mervue, Renmore, Newcastle, Raleigh Row, Lough Atalia, Headford Rd..then throw in the girlfriends places I’ve stayed in…anyway point being I have and do live in the city all year round, not just 4 days a week. I’m not isolated as you say, I can tell you without any shadow of a doubt that the noise and destruction from the students is far worse than the typical Saturday nights. Noise on a Saturday night is typically confined to Eyre Square and Quay Street. A house party on a Saturday night ends around 11 or 12 and everyone goes into town. The only time I had an issue with a house party outside of the college year turned out to be from an apartment full of students (I know this because one of them turned out to be friends with my girlfriend at the time). When the people in Bohermore put up CCTV cameras to catch the people kicking on the doors of elderly people and family homes this wasn’t to catch the people that do it on weekends, it was to catch the students who did it during the week.

    You say slightly out of hand last year. What about in previous years? Is destruction of property not out of hand? Is disturbing the peace not out of hand? What is your definition of out of hand and “slightly” out of hand? How about breaking into a Bakery?..I am self righteous and arrogant. Great observation, thanks for reading the blog. I’ll take all the hate you can give.

  23. David says:


    Don’t get me wrong I think that RAG week got slightly out of hand last year with the whole fence burning fiasco, but that does not take away from the fact that you are a self-righteous, arrogant prick. You seem to be forgetting that in the last four years the SU of NUIG has collected over 100,000 Euros for different charities. You also seem to forget that the actions of a handful of people does not necessarily represent the whole of the university, which has over 17,000 students. These incidents involving anti-social behaviour often don’t involve students that attend the university itself. If you bothered to take your head out of your own hole you would have noticed that 95% of the students who voted on the matter voted in favour of the cancellation of RAG week. Galway city has one of the most vibrant cities in Ireland, you are fooling yourself if you think that these kind of incidents are isolated to just one week of the year, I would love to see a time when no anti-social behaviour takes place, but alas that is not a likely future.

    I think its fair to say that I speak for alot of people when I say, kindly remove that stick so very firmly lodged up your hole, you absolute bellend.

    • Dear David,

      While you are entitled to your narrow views I would like to introduce the view of a person that lives in the city centre…and when I say city centre I mean THE city centre. I agree that people from other universities add to the issue is doesn’t clean you lot of the crime. RAG Week is the problem…

      You can raise all the money you want but it doesn’t cover the cost of RAG week. I have lived in the city centre longer than you have “been in college”. I’m sure you are a respectable student that would never kick my door or piss on it or kick my bins down the road but the fact of the matter is that you sir are the 0.5%…if you are what you say.

      There is nothing that you can say that can save your argument. You student cunts have made my life a living hell rag week after rag week after rag week. I personally don’t give a fuck where these vile cunts come from because either way my bins are going to be kicked over or my door will be pissed on. The problem is RAG WEEK!!

      Compare your shitty hippie minor bullshit earnings to the monetary and social cost to the city and it’s residents and you will see a giant negative. I could care less who does it…it’s the facility that causes the problem.

      I will gladly give you my phone number and address for you to see what REALLY happens around here during rag week. You sir live in a “students do no wrong world” and you need to see the light. You sir have picked the wrong man to mess with on this issue.

      The email address is and my twitter is @Raveneffect. My phone number is available on your request. I would love for you to live in my house for just one night of rag week. Il go live in a hotel for the night on the expenses of the city fathers. You wouldn’t survive a normal Thursday night you cocky cunt. I would love a reply to this message if you have the balls. You have my details, prove me wrong.

      Fuck you very much,

      • David says:

        Lets just get one thing straight, I’m not a bender so no, I would not like to ask for your phone number and I most certainly do not want to spend the night with you. I’m flattered though. I would love, however, to hear where you got the 0.5% statistic from? Last time I checked there wasn’t just 85 university students not causing trouble… Using such naughty language too? What would your mother say (I assume you still live with your mother)? Oh and if you don’t want your bins kicked over, stop leaving them out, problem solved. No need to made your bins martyrs on your pathetic crusade to run everybody else’s fun. And piss is just water really, not like it sticks to your doors.

        Right back to the point I suppose. Wait, I forgot there is no point. I just remembered that nobody cares what a blogger with too much time on his hands says. But if it makes you feel better I can humour you. You rant on and on about ‘the cost of RAG week’. You seem to forget that students make up 20% of the population here in Galway City, and that this huge amount of students in the city is where a lot of businesses make their profit from.

        As for your slightly homoerotic invitation to stay a night with you during RAG week to see what happens during the week, I can’t stress enough how terrible that sounds. I will be experiencing RAG week in the city center though, when I’m out not being a dry shite. Have fun being dreadfully boring and excruciatingly annoying.


        Everybody who wants your period to seize immediately.

        • I’m gonna be honest with you buddy. There is no point arguing with you because we will just end up saying the same thing over and over and I don’t have the time to deal with it all!

          Your latest comment made me laugh so hard that I forgot my own name for a period of time…you sir are delusional where as I am realistic. I love your solutions to the rag week problem for residents. There are so many things I’d like to challenge in your comment but you couldn’t be more wrong about everything you said and I’m tired and bored of you already. There’s no point in arguing with the brick wall that is your outlook on Rag Week. Thanks for the comments and reading the site but please don’t offer your clueless views on rag week to us again…it’s embarrassing for you.


      • Sean Flynn (sean) says:

        0.5% you sir are a moron and that is conmpletely of, ill give you my adress and you can stay here for a night and tell me that, david is in the 0.5% nuigalway students are top notch.

        as david said 90% of the student voted against a rag week. so thats brakes your 0.5% stat over your big head. i will live in your house on a Thursday night man no problem. one night, to listen to you, you would think ya live in Baghdad. Move to the suburbs, there is no city in the country that doesn’t have its mess nights.

  24. Tony greene says:

    Rory you are a cock sucker, why don’t you go eat a dick up.?!!!

    • Thanks for your input Tony. I don’t suck cock but maybe it’s because I haven’t met the right one yet. How about we meet for a coffee first and see if there’s a spark? If things go well then I might feel more inclined to eat your dick. But I’m not gay so I don’t make any guarantees. Glad you are a fan. Keep reading the blog.

      • Sean says:

        your nothing but a self righteous wanker, maybe if you went to college and got yourself a degree you would have less spare time to be writing bolox like this. maybe people might not realise what a smelly little virgin homo you are !!!!! Rag Week is fucking epic. College is the way forward for society, it helps turn pre-historic wankers like you into educated upstanding members of society. students eventually give back ten fold in their later earnings in life, you silly prick. your a sad bastard of a man, blog my brains out, pity you would blow your brains out and do everyone a favor you mid Atlantic asshole.

        • I did go to college and I do have a degree. I even went out for RAG week before. When you finish college we can compare qualifications. I’ve never been on the dole, got my job right out of college. Always been paying my way. Can you say the same? Love ya baby x

      • Sean says:

        We will indeed. well then why are you talking about students in such a derogatory manner. well fair play to you, that’s not easy. but I don’t have to, and i’m sure when you were cleaning toilets or stocking shelves you would have taken my options also.

        good hope to see ya for a beer Monday so.
        your obviously taken the piss and your getting alot of attention so fair play
        love you too sexy 😛 xxxxxx

      • Sean Flynn (sean) says:

        and there is also little or no jobs out there. you contradict your own statements ha

    • Sean Flynn (sean) says:

      hahaha.. yes lets .. Rory your good banter, hope to see you for a few drinks next week, and i promise i’ll refrain from pissing in your letter box

    • Sean Flynn (sean) says:

      epic, im in…

      • You’re alright boss. Don’t take everything I write seriously. We write it so angry because that’s what we find entertaining it’s a rant. I don’t hate ALL students just the more vocal first and second year one’s that take the piss

  25. Neal says:

    Rag week raised €35,000 for charity at its peak and I am proud to say I was a part of that. There is a group of students who believe that rag week is an excuse for them to act like animals! These people will find some other event to act like animals at (Though there’s no Oxegen this year so maybe they wont). Contrary to your believes Mr. Monaghan, University are filled with people working there balls off to get PHDs, doing research and teaching. Working 50 – 60 hours a week and living off basic funding! University lecturers in Ireland work on average 50 hours a week!

    • Colm says:

      Obviously Neal, you’re not one of these hard working university people! Oh Believes!

    • Ah now Neal. You can be proud for yourself and the other students that raised the money with good intentions but what was the actual return on that? I was Googling there and in 2009 on the Monday alone 40 students were arressted and close to 20 a day were in A&E hammered drunk. If I remember correctly they bring extra Gardaí into the town from the outlying areas and you can bet they work overtime to handle the sudden weekdays peak. 35k wouldn’t even touch the amount of tax payer money being spent on these brats during the week. And that’s not counting the destruction of property and general distress put on residents for the week.

      As for the lecturers jab I’ll put up my hands and say I know a few lecturers personally but not enough to speak about all lecturers. However, I’m allowed to form an opinion. One of the lecturers I know was apparently top of her field and worked jack shit hours and was as thick as Pop Eyes Cock after some Spinach Viagra. Have you ever looked at the lecturers time table for your college? I did one year because the lecturer didn’t show up, we went to reception and the lady brought up his schedule to see if he had any other lectures that day. It was laughable. The concept that a lecturer is allotted 8 hours prep work allowance for a 1 hour lecture is horse shit. Complete and utter horse shit but then what you expect from a glorified babysitting service that is run like an old boys club. It’s not what you know, it’s who you now and how you stroke their egos.

      • Sean Flynn (sean) says:

        35k didn’t, but the amount of beer bought and money spend in clubs, pubs and supermarkets would cover it.

        and you cant give out about lecturers, they are weeping the rewards of 8 years, of no pay and hard work, they deserve high wages, and someone has to do it, or else people like you would not have their degree. that is a ridiculous thing to say, students have a certain amount of hours and regardless the lecturers will only be working these hours plus preparation time.

        “Complete and utter horse shit but then what you expect from a glorified babysitting service that is run like an old boys club”

        that is simple idiotic, i can only speak for NUIGalway, but the lecturers always take time out to help any student in need of help, that does not qualify them as baby sitters, just good teachers, which at the end of the day is their purpose.

    • Shane Brennan says:

      One of the most ignorant blogs I have ever taken the time to look at. Strangely I found great pleasure in reading this blog as it seems that it has gone someway in justifying these antics by students each year during ‘Rag Week’. Obviously written by a jealous individual who has a job (like myself and many ,many students) feels that he has a moral high-ground to insult students as a collective? I feel that this blog on its own has done more damage for the campaign against ‘Rag Week’ purely on the grounds that I now want to keep annoying angry tragic individuals like you and I feel if getting drunk at 3 o’ clock on a Monday at a foam party is an effective means of doing this then I mean to continue purely for the bant! Also a tip for some of your future blogs if you want them to be taken seriously (which I most certainly will be reading as I found this one a particular joy …delving into the depths of complete human ignorance to reality..rejecting it and substituting their own….) don’t start a blog of with a blistering image of a staunch religious activity like a Novena and then proceed to call your victims ”cock-suckers” after all I don’t think ‘Rag Week’ and the social strata associated with it are the ones with the reputation for the ”cock sucking” and other less socially accepted forms of sexual activities unlike the association you seem very sympathetic towards in your opening paragraph. I look forward to hearing your predictable and sub-standard cocky response.

      • Dear Shane,

        I thank you for the comment. While I was not the one to write the piece you are commenting on I do feel that I should jump in here. You didn’t spout filth at us so I feel that is deserving of a reply. You seem like an intelligent guy so I can safely assume that you realise that post was a joke ya?

        This website is for entertainment purposes but it also brings up issues such as this. Fair play to you for not being a complete cunt.


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