Loving and Leaving Ireland

I haven’t been too active blogging this week because of some big news getting in the way. No not the kerfuffle in Syria, nor the Anglo Irish fiasco or even the extreme winter weather that his engulfed a lot of Europe..no, not that bullshit nobody really cares about. The big news is the fact that I, Rory, one part of The City Fathers am leaving Ireland. I am pursuing a life in America and just accepted a job in Phoenix, Arizona. A place where nobody has heard of Jedward, Cher Lloyd or any of the other recent Irish or English musical and cultural abortions. Having said that, Like everyone in this country I have been prone to begrudgery and taking how good things are in this country for granted. But I will truly miss this place.

A big issue I’ve had with Ireland ever since I was about 16 years old was the fact that I feel social welfare in this country is absurd. Even when in our economic boom it didn’t seem like a sustainable system and it has proven not to be. But now that I am leaving, I see Ireland as a cool alternative to most of the world. I am moving to America where you work or you starve pretty much. I think both countries could learn something from one another. A mix of both would be the perfect solution but I can now see the positives in both and will always think of Ireland as one helluva place to live. When you are working in the country it’s a pretty relaxed atmosphere, Irish people have a laid back attitude and you work as hard as your own drive will make you. The downside of the laid back attitude is that hard work will also go unnoticed, so if you are settling down in life and want to focus on your family life then Ireland is an amazing country. And some day I may return to have a family and feel that comfort and cosy feeling, that as bad as things get I’ll be able to survive.

Over the last 3 years I’ve been working in a role which has allowed me to see a lot of the world. I have travelled for work to Australia, Germany, Holland, America and the UK. I’ve been in London around 6 times in the last 2 years alone. It’s been an amazing few years and I firmly believe I could only have had that oppurtunity in Galway. Some may scratch their head and ask why then I feel the need to leave. I think the reason why I could only have that oppurtunity in Galway is because of the attitude here. My boss took a risk in sending me to customers sites to present and work with them. This was because in this town a lot of professionals are here to settle down and aren’t concerned with progressing as much as doing enough to get paid and not get fired. So a young person here has a great oppurtunity to progress fast, with the right attitude you can hit the top of the ceiling here. Which is cool, because it gives a great option for those who want to settle and focus less on their careers. But if you aren’t at that phase of your life you might want to break through that ceiling and that is why I am eager to move on.

During the last year other than travelling to the likes of London, Sydney, Cairns, Essen, Cologne etc. Some really beautiful places, I also travelled around Ireland. We have it really good here, I stayed in Kilronan Castle which was amazing, went to Lough Kee Forest Park, The Cliffs of Moher, Clifden twice, Glencar Waterfall, Westport, Mulranny, went deep sea Fishing off the coast, had a couple of weekends in Dublin and loved every minute of it. There is nothing quite like it, Ireland has so much on such a small little rock. I’ll always fondly remember that feeling of pride during the 1990, 1994 and 2002 World Cups, when everybody seemed to be brought together, no matter what class. The small community feel at small town events like GAA matches or local Community games. Spending your Sunday in a field at a dog show, eating gone off soft Ice Cream and drinking a can of Coke. I will miss you Ireland but it’s time to move on, things aren’t the same here as when I was growing up, with money came greed and spoiled the community feeling a bit. Maybe in a few years things will come full circle. I still love this country and would not be against settling here for sure. I’m going to keep blogging on this site and I hope everyone keeps reading. I might even start doing video blogs as Heel Rory. Thanks again to everyone and to Ireland for giving me a great 26 years


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  1. Noel says:

    Well good luck to ya man

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