Steves Six Nations Preview

Its time of the year again folks…it’s 6 Nations time. Oh joyous day, thank you Lord Rugbyington for bestowing us with your competition… NO FUCK THAT. This is no rugby preview, it is actually a preview of what good ol’ Steve puts up with when this horseshit rolls into town.

I am so sick of the over coverage of rugby in this country. I listen to a lot of sports radio and all they ever talk about is rugby. Off the Ball on Newstalk have a slot called Wednesday Night Rugby, why? It should be called “Every.. rugby with some other crap thrown in for you non-rugby people…Night Rugby” Catchy no? Every paper is filled with rugby and you cannot go near any Irish sports sites without having to sift through the rugby waffle.

Now I have no issue with rugby really as long as it’s kept away from me at all times. For example…United v Chelsea is on Sunday and I am going to have some job trying to find a pub showing it. I know its an Ireland game on at the same time but Jesus tap dancing Christ will at least one pub in town show the football… No they won’t.

20120203-070502 p.m..jpg

See Galway has turned. It’s now a big rugby town, ironically filled with Munster fans. This came out of nowhere really. It is genuinely difficult to watch football in Galway pubs while rugby is on, nobody shows it. You even see pubs with rugby goal posts outside the door to draw these sunshine boys in! Pubs have noticed that rugby people show up in droves for Heineken Cup games and “OIReland” games and I get that, it’s just business. But we loyal football supporters that spend all year watching games in your pubs (weekend and weeknight games) get the shaft so you can impress these “Fans”.

20120203-065626 p.m..jpg
“Uhh where’s Sexton?”

For example a few weeks ago myself, Rory and a few others were going in to watch the United match, we tried a few of our normal spots and nowhere was showing it because rugby bollocks was on. I should also point out that it was two french teams playing each other with not a single person interested. On our 6th pub attempt we finally found the match being shown in the Spanish Arch Hotel. We all got pints and one of the lads bought food. Happy days we thought until they turned off the united match at half time and put the rugby on…are you fucking serious?! This is what this town has come to. Oh by the way nobody was watching the rugby shite…shafted!

So I am dreading these next few weeks while the Rugby obsessed media and Publicans make their hay while the sun shines. It seems like there is Rubgy on 12 months a year, is there an off season? Seriously there doesn’t seem to be?

So I’m hoping that a few places cop on and realise that they are screwing over loyal customers by catering to these blow ins! Is it really worth the risk to piss off year-round customers in favour of these idiots for 5 weekends? Think about it. Also if the only coverage of United Chelsea I find is in 3D I will flip my lid and come at you like a Spidermonkey…Be warned.

20120203-065510 p.m..jpg

So now I have to bust out my usual line to suffer a conversation with the rugby bandwagon… “Ahh That’s Rugby”… It works a treat. I know nothing about rugby and neither does Captain Bandwagon…I get a sick pleasure from insulting these bell ends without them even knowing.

20120203-070735 p.m..jpg
What’s that Lassie? Steve has brutally murdered the guy that decided to have sport in 3D?

Put that in your blog,


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