Prick of the Week 8!

Here we go again folks, iv been wronged again and it’s time to vent!

So just incase this is traced back to me il have to leave out a few details, cool? Thanks guys…you’re great.

So there I am at work being absolutely brilliant as usual. I’m getting through all my various meaningless tasks and I’m thinking “I cannot wait for that sweet sweet cigarette at 11”. Basically things are going well. That is of course until my most hated of all people walks in to destroy my day…THE POST MENOPAUSAL THUNDERCUNT!!

“I’d like to return this” says P.M.T (haha how ironic) No ‘hello’ ,no ‘how are you’ or anything like that…she just drops the item on the counter without even looking at me. Immediately I don’t want to help this human wet sock but it didn’t matter either way…she was gonna piss and moan until she gets what she wants.

Basically this item was out of warranty in terms of our supplier but due to a loophole we have to replace it anyway. That’s fine by me, I like to help people anyway. But PMT didn’t want it replaced…she wanted a refund. I explain that what she wants is simply not possible but we can replace or give store credit with no issues.

Here we go folks…it’s hissy fit time. I could actually see her disgusting wrinkly face turn to that of a pissed off German Shepard. I would love to post what she said to me in detail but for reasons beyond my control it is not the best idea. She went off on a bitchfest that I have never experienced before but she did also have to throw in the moans and groans of a woman of her age. You know when your mother or aunt or sister just is not going to listen to reason and their way out is “I’m not feeling well and I don’t need this today”. The ultimate get of jail card for Aul Ones. (Sorry Mammy)

She accused me of being disrespectful even though I had not been able to get a word in edgeways! I told her to calm down…mistake…She went off on another one bitching a moaning about not being able to get a refund on something she bought last year. This refund was just not happening no matter what she says or does.

She continued to bitch and bitch and bitch until I just gave up and got the store manager to deal with, I’m too busy for this crap. He folded like an accordion and refunded her. This was no small refund either folks. Now iv got this thing worth a small fortune that I have to take a loss on, and who is going to give off about that? That’s right the same store manager that pulled down his pants and let PMT take him to the fair. Are you serious bro?!!!

20120202-074134 p.m..jpg

So that pretty much ruined my day. I hate people so much. I have a toaster in my house that isn’t working totally, it’s fine but it’s not the best. Now this toaster has been in this house for all of the 6 years I have lived here and possibly before that. Now if I walked into Argos or Currys or Dunnes tomorrow with that toaster demanding a refund how far do you think I will get?! But PMT got her way, they always do because they spend their days listening to Joe Duffy and they have that overpaid wankshot on speed dial. What’s the point in arguing with these losers?

Put that in your blog,


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