Galway International Rally Against the Superbowl

It’s that time again folks. This weekend coming will see one of the worlds largest sporting events take place. The Superbowl! It’s usually a great event for everybody to enjoy, not just sports fans. The sheer size and spectacle ensures anyone can watch and be entertained. Or at least anyone should be able to. Unfortunately for those of us in Galway it’s usually not possible. For you see my sweet, innocent readers, Every fuckin’ year Superbowl Sunday falls on the same day as the final stages of the Galway International Rally and every year without fail that interferes with my ability to enjoy the Superbowl to appease a bunch of cunts who’s idea of a good time is hanging out in their cars around Tesco parking lot admiring each others rims. Are you serious Bro!?

Many moons ago I saw an advertisement in a local paper about a Superbowl party in a Galway pub called The Living Room. Not being able to afford Sky Sports, it was my only option at the time to get to watch the game. It started ok, there was a big crowd down stairs but only very few up-stairs where the projection screen was showing the game. Through out the game some dodgey looking characters would come upstairs from time to time to just shout their disapproval of a sport that doesn’t feature any cars or cousin fucking. Then shortly into the second half of the game the lights were turned on and we were all asked to leave..half way during the Superbowl at a Superbowl party!! As it turns out some asshole got a beer bottle smashed over his head and the crowd downstairs was a bit on the volatile side so the pub cut its losses and decided to avoid any further problems.

Move forward 2 years later, a few friends and I try again. This time we heard The Cellar was going to be showing the Superbowl. The place was wedged with Rally cunts. Before the game even began the rally morons started with their BS. They booed all through the national anthem of America and jeered and mocked the game and the fans. Starting soccer chants to try and intimidate the relatively small group of people there to watch the game. I lasted 1 quarter of the game and went home to try and see if I could find it on tv or a stream. I could do neither and missed the rest of the game.

So here I am in present day and yet again the rally is on at the same time as the Superbowl. If you are like me then I have some good news. The game will be shown on BBC1 if you want to watch it without going to a pub. It would be nice to be able to go to a pub and be around other fans watching it, give it a better atmosphere but unfortunately thanks to the band of shit heads that will inevitably infest our town this weekend we will not have that option.

And a message to the dumb cunts who’s wheel spinning and loud exhausts use to keep me awake when living in Dun na Coiribe and those that made me miss multiple Superbowls. Fuck off and follow the rest of your ilk over to Australia or at least have the decency to cause a massive pile up of all your cars and die a slow suffering death. I’m not being petty either, both should be able to co-exist but the Rally cunts seem to like to think they are above others.

I just blogged my brains out,



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