David De Gea…

Right before I even start I have to make it very clear, very very clear that I am not basing my opinion on the Liverpool v United game today. I am basing this on David De Gea as a whole. I cannot understand why DDG is allowed anywhere near the united team.

This guy is such a poor goalkeeper that I am starting to laugh myself. He simply cannot do anything well. Every time a ball is crossed in (see today) my heart is in my mouth! He cannot claim a ball, either catch or punch, when there are players around him. He consistently proves that he isn’t up to it but somehow he gets to play today?

The blind faith that the angry mob of DDG fans show baffles me. These are the same people that rated Obertan…says it all. I’m all for supporting players that are struggling to show some encouragement but DDG has had his day in my opinion. He has already lost his place in the League and after today’s performance in the cup I cannot see him playing again.

The sheer amount of mistakes he makes every time he plays should lead Fergie to the same conclusion but he will never completely drop him. You see, SAF is an incredibly stubborn man who will never admit to a mistake. What he will do however is loan him out and eventually sell him off, see Tiabi.

20120128-042336 p.m..jpg

Now before anybody starts talking about the defensive failings today and in previous games…That’s why there is a guy in goal…it’s now his job to SAVE! Sure, Evra should have done better to come across Kuyt today and there probably wouldn’t have been a chance but DDG hilarious attempt to save that shot will haunt my dreams. The ball was hit straight at him, straight at him! And that happens to be the worst part of his game.

We have all seen DDG pull off some incredible saves in games, really impressive stuff. But when a ball is hit straight at him he malfunctions. Dzeko did it to him twice and Kuyt did the same thing today. He cannot sort his feet out. When he is forced to save low he can’t do it. He goes down in installments! The Agger goal today showed everything that is wrong with him. He cannot claim a ball in the air and when a ball comes straight at him or low along the ground he hasn’t a clue what to do. What’s the point of his existence?

Now as I have previously stated this is not a reaction to today’s result. It is the culmination of months of frustration with this idiot. He looks completely out of sorts and I really believe that putting a goldfish in between the sticks would be a better solution than playing him.

I was on twitter after the match and the DDG fans were out in full force defending their weak little buddy. One guy had this to say…

20120128-044015 p.m..jpg

Yes, you did just read that. Give him 10 games with no pressure to lose his place? Are you fucking serious? You don’t lose talent? That would infer that DDG had talent to begin with. If thats his solution to the De Gea issue il play in goal for free for 10 games…let’s see if that wins us the league? Hopefully this tweeter enjoys his lunch of crayons and toy cars later.

We had the same defensive problems last year but Edwin was there to stop these pesky shots that teams take. Van Der Sar has to deal with the same problems and I remember him making one mistake all season…the howler against West Brom…that’s it. You see that’s what a goalkeeper is there for. If the defense was better do you suggest we don’t bother with a goalkeeper and throw 11 men outfield?

I actually think United did not deserve to lose that game and neither did Liverpool. A draw would have been about right but can anybody convince me that United would have conceded today with a proper, even a half decent goalkeeper?

“Tell you what, get some rope!”

20120128-045122 p.m..jpg

For the love of god Sir Alex…take the loss and get rid of him, he will never come good.

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  1. Conzo says:

    I like him:)

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