Noonan Life-style Choice BS

I’ve  been looking for a distraction the last couple of days and this is something I can sink my teeth into. So over the last few days every newspaper and media outlet in the country and even some news sources abroad carried a story regarding Micheal Noonan calling emigration a “life-style choice” this was the statement which everyone latched onto. If you read the full quote it was more like he said a lot of people are moving abroad for the experience and life style choice. Not that everyone who is moving, is going for that reason. So what exactly are people angry about?, the guy used the term: a lot. Most of my friends who moved abroad did move for the experience with one moving out of necessity. But even when it was out of necessity it was technically still a life style choice because those people can choose to collect the dole and attempt to find work in their field in Ireland or take a job outside of their field. It depends on the persons goals in life and open mindedness. In all of the discussions on the radio stemming from Noonans comment, the latter choice of a job outside of the persons field was never discussed. Why the fuck not? If you are willing to pick fruit in Australia for 6 months, why wouldn’t you work in your local Centra in Ireland?

I felt the media coverage was a load of cock. Completely misleading and taking the guy out of context to sensationalize. He came out to clarify and get across that the quote was being presented out of context but it was too late. People wanted to believe in what was reported so they could have a good old Fashioned Irish bitching session. For fuck sake people, if your only source of news is The Journal then do me a favor and kill yourself now. The world needs less people like you. 4FM as usual had a phone in for the sheeple to call in and latch onto the crap shoot. Parents who’s kids moved abroad were out-raged, their little angels had to move to find work apparently. Did they HAVE to move or did they move because they were too stupid to re-train for a position that is vacant?, too proud to work outside of a trade or a skilled position? or did most of their friends move so they thought they’d be cool and do it too? One of the callers stated her son a  tradesman moved to Australia to find work but couldn’t find any in his area so did some unskilled labor for a while and then joined the Air Force, supposedly an oppurtunity he’d never have got in Ireland. Fuck Me, Firstly do you know that for sure or are you just being a whingey bitch? Your son couldn’t find the job he wanted here and you bitch about the government here causing your son to move because he couldn’t find said job then he goes to Australia and still can’t find the job he wanted, yet you don’t say boo about how the Australian government let him down. Are you serious Bro?

I get it, there’s people who move abroad out of desperation after being unemployed for months and possibly years. More power to you, it’s sad to see you go when it’s obviously a difficult situation and decision for you. But this whole notion that Ireland is losing it’s best and Fuck the government I can’t even get a job here bullshit. Listen, I fuckin despise the Irish politicians and wouldn’t trust them as far as I can throw them but nobody is ever guaranteed a job coming out of college, even during the boom period. We are in an economic down turn now, one that corruption aside was most likely inevitable as we were starting to price ourselves out of work anyway due to the increased cost of living. We are human beings, we can be resourceful and we can adapt. So rather than sit waiting for a hand out, screw your head on and figure out what it is you can do to increase your chances of a job in this country or ditch your misplaced pride and take that job in Centra which only you think is below you.

As for this constantly touted idea that Ireland is losing it’s best and brightest. Ireland would have always lost it’s best and brightest because large companies in Asia and America would always pay much more than Irish companies and if people had the drive to be the best they would go working for those companies no matter what the situation. A lot of people who have been laid off were made redundant from jobs because the job was outsourced or they were deemed less capable than some of their colleagues. There for is that person really the best? Oh and the college students who would move, they are a product of a shit education system, you learn more in one year on the job then in college so if we lose them after graduation all that has been lost is a blank slate with a sense of entitlement and all over bad attitude.

Also as somebody who went to Australia for temporary work for a few weeks. I can tell you the young Irish people I met over there didn’t seem any more extra ordinary than the usual drunken morons that we already have at home. Don’t worry Ireland. Shit will get better. As for the people reading who were forced to emigrate, I’m sorry for you if you are missing home and for “a lot” of people reading who are out foreign by choice (even if you tell people you aren’t, I know it happens!) go suck a bag of dicks, obviously more than a few are crying home to mammy and daddy for sympathy (and probably money) and so the parents here feel emotional about things and I have to hear it, all the while you are putting photos of yourself on Facebook, drunk in Scruffy Murphys getting a handjob against the wall from a badly  sun burned girl from Thurles.

I just blogged my brains out,



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