Competition City Fathers style!

Ok, Since we’ve been getting way more views than we expected and probably deserve. Let’s face it this place is a big pile of our brain diaherria and you fuckers just seem to lap it up. So to reward you our disgusting public. We’ve decided to hold the most kick ass and potentially funniest competition on the internet. You see, what you mere pee-ons in the reading public might not understand is us publishing folk are always under pressure to get the next big scoop and what scoop is bigger than getting pictures of ‘The Spiderman” ?

So here it is folks. We want photos of the Spiderman!

So to be in with the chance of winning a 50 euro iTunes voucher and 50 euros donated to charity, what we want from you is photos of the Spiderman. You can photo-shop Spiderman into some pictures, get some douche to dress up in a Spiderman costume. Just be creative. We want a minimum of 3 pictures per entry, they can be telling a story or even just 3 funny random pictures. You decide. The winner will be decided by Steve and I, if we reach a dead lock situation we will bring in a third party who will call it RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE! sorry, ECW reference. Steve will get it.

You’ll be contributing something pretty funny to the site, will most likely have fun creating the pictures and you might profit from it. If you don’t win we may put up a best of the rest and you can be rest assured that the competition you supported by entering at least gave money to a decent cause. So whadda ya say people?

We will decide on the charity later, perhaps fighting Cystic Fibrosis would be a suitable cause, Steve and I will discuss, we might get a few possibilities and put it to a public vote on the site. we like to research the charities to ensure they aren’t crooked and proof of the donation will be sent to you and possibly posted online when we announce the winner, as long as it seems safe.

Even though we’ll be out of pocket by 100 euro we really hope that this catches on. It would be a shame if it didn’t and nobody won the prize. If we don’t get any entrants or just 1 or something like that and the 1 is deemed way too sucky to win. We’ll still give the 50 charity and maybe give the voucher away by some other means.

To enter please visit the Competition Section on our site. Good Luck


About thecityfathers

We sit around all day stroking our beards, clucking our tongues and discussing what's to be done with this Homer Simpson
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