Prick of the Week 6!

Now stick with me on this one…

This weeks Prick of the Week is quite the merry road. Picture the scene, it’s Friday night, Connaught finally won a “game” of rugby, all the sunshine rugger boys are out and iv just landed in Supermacs at 3am. I was at a going away party for 4 people at work that night and I was disgusted by all the bullshit rugby bollocks that surrounded me all night. (Note to self. Take Rorys advice and never go out on a night rugby is on, you hate those idiots Steve)

I decided to get a pizza in Supermacs and head home to get away before I murder some idiot wearing a Connaught jersey even though he probably can’t name a single player on the team. When I get to the counter there is a fan of the team they played (I have no idea who they played) taking the piss out of the lad behind the counter. He kept saying “Wheres my chicken wings yo” over and over and over and over and over and over. At this stage there is a que building and another staff member jumps in to clear the cue.

Now I got my pizza 15mins later and that English lad was still at the counter abusing the staff member at every chance. The typical ‘Im only in I-Land for one night’ type of idiot. This went on for the entire 15 mins while I waited for my pizza.

So this weeks Prick of the Week is that Supermacs employee! How the hell do you stand there and take that bull from some drunk tourist?! Are you serious?! He’s drunk and he thinks rugby is a watchable sport so somewhere in your mind you should cop on that you are dealing with a lad that has no concept of reality.

If you had knocked that guy out the whole place would have applauded you and I would write a letter to Supermacs Head Office praising you for your actions.

If you had dragged him over the counter and stuck his head in the oven there is no court in the land that would convict you! You would probably have been given the freedom of Galway and a personal apology from the English Rugby Authorities.

You sir need to cop on and figure out how to deal with idiots at work and your life will be so much easier, I do it every day and look at me…I’m brilliant.

So you Captain Nice Guy are the prick of the week…your mother is ashamed of you.

Put that in your blog,


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