The Cynicists Movie Review: The Notebook

Ok, so many of you may be questioning my sexuality or at least my sexual potency. But there’s probably two groups of young guys these days. Those who have been asked to watch The Notebook and told herself to go get fucked or the one’s that gave in and watched it so she’d stop her incessant yammering. You know how the womens are what with the constant yackity yak yak

So anyways I lost my balls for the night and watched the movie. And let me tell you guys Ryan Gosling is a delight! Well not really but he’s probably a better actor than most of the pretty boys out there. Not as good as Leo or Brad but probably better than George Clooney or that ass clown Colin Farrell…Oh I am such a bitch!

It of course continues in the vain of all romantic comedies by ensuring the guys who are vying for the leading ladies attention all happen to be very good looking. So when the romantic story starts and your man jumps on the Ferris Wheel and acts like a dick to get her to notice him…it’s not really accurate of a real life situation. If he was butt ugly would she give him the time of day? Not a chance. It reminds me of those old Head and Shoulders ads for women when that silly bitch is getting her hair washed by the hair dresser, the hair dresser walks away and some impossibly handsome  guy who doesn’t work there sneaks up and runs his hands through her hair slowly, when the hair dresser comes back he get’s startled and quickly walks away. The young also good looking girl smiles as she drips in her seat from the whole experience and women all over the world rush out to buy the product so they get the attention they crave from good looking perverts…double take, if that was some fat fuck with his belly hanging out of his shirt she’d have screamed, got the guy arrested and sued the hair dressers.

So that aside, which you kind of have to get passed because every romantic movie ever made follows the same structure. This movie wasn’t the worst, you got to see the lead chicks side boobs a good bit, James Cagney was a character in it and the acting was only really bad in 2 or 3 scenes. The one thing that gets me with a lot movies like this is the lead character always has flaws which I know is realistic since nobody is perfect but personally I’d feel a lot more sympathetic if the lead character didn’t cheat on her fiance. There was no more mention of him afterwards and the guy was a fuckin war hero…maybe show that he found somebody else that wasn’t a complete skank who ended up being even more psychotic with age. Even show that he met her later in life again and had a nice family of his own while she struggled to remember her phone number. Justice.

I’m going to give this one 3/5. The acting was pretty good, I love James Cagney and his crying scene was really good. It also wasn’t as bad story wise as a lot of other romantic comedies. They didn’t play up the lead male character and female character hating each other as much as the usual crap that’s released, thus not furthering the idea that women should go out and sleep with assholes because they can change. Steve will never change….Also it’s good for getting yo ho into bed..ya know wha’ I mean? Ayyyyeeeee yeeeaaaaaahhhhhhhh


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