Steve Vs. Rugby

It’s time people, we need to have a national debate about the over coverage of rugby in this country. It has come to a stage where I actually can’t buy newspapers anymore. Rugby gets so much coverage in the Irish media these days that it makes me hate a sport that I “nothing”.

Myself, Rory and a few mates went into town on Saturday to watch the football, something we do every Saturday. We went to our regular pub but due to their sky box not working we had to try elsewhere. We tried 5 further pubs to watch a football match with no luck…rugby was on everywhere with very few people actually watching it.

I find that rugby is given preference in pubs during the day and this baffles me. These sunshine fans actually don’t watch the match on tv, they are in the pub purely to be seen in social circles sipping on their heinos and discussing the ROG v Sexton thing. Who gives a fuck!!!

20120116-090812 p.m..jpg

When we finally found a pub showing the united match on Saturday we were delighted! Rory cried with joy as I chatted up every woman in sight to clear the pub for leg room purposes, the usual. Between the 5 of us at the table there were 5 drinks bought and Jesse bought food on top of that. The Half time whistle blows and the barman puts rugby on to the wild roar of a pack of Dublin cunts down the back…I nearly got sick into my own scorn!

20120116-091947 p.m..jpg

Now this wasn’t a case of there being one signal or anything. The barman had the change the channel on multiple TVs. Why couldn’t he leave the match on for us? What the hell is the point in that? Whats worse is that when we left the Heino boys down the back weren’t even watching the game! I watched more of that munster match than they did and I would rather lick the bathroom floor of a nightclub than watch that shite! Ahhh!!! Jesus Christ monkeyballs.

Oddly enough this only comes in at number three in my “Shafted by sunshine rugby fans” top 3!

Number two. Connaught were playing in the Heino Cup there a few weeks ago and the pub we were in was packed with “Men” watching the match. I have never seen such a collection of absolute knobhead hipsters in my life. A maximum of 10 lads were actually watching the match while the rest just stood around looking confused to be in a sports bar. I was down the back watching football, a less homoerotic sport and it took me at least 45 seconds to get to the bar…that’s too long you twats…go find somewhere to die and stop ruining the good times of The City Fathers!

Number 1. I’m sure Rory will remember this. If you are from Galway then you most likely have watched a match in Fagans. They have a cinema room type thing at the back and it’s great. We walked in to see a load of people at the bar area watching the football while 3 posh lads had the entire cinema room to themselves to watch rugby…Tri-Nations obscure rugby. There are three TVs in there and seven or eight couches!! How did this happen?!! I nearly had a heart failure trying to figure out the logic of it. Front bar packed…back area had three lads in it…one TV a man…makes sense ya?!

20120116-093653 p.m..jpg

There are 3 types of rugby fans. The first is the actual rugby fan who actually watches the game. Try talking to @OisinC while he’s watching rugby…he will kill you where you stand!

The other is the sunshine fan wearing his skinny jeans and red shoes. Normally found drinking a bottle of heineken and wearing a scarf indoors.

The third type are the women that go there to meet lads and think “Soccer is boring, nothing ever happens!” Christ kill me now lord! I know I don’t believe in you but if you could get some other fictional character to do it that would be great. Is Santa Clause busy? Or one of the teenage mutant ninja turtles?

So I’m calling for a referendum on the Rugby matter. I’m sick to death of it. I am at a loss to try to explain it, they don’t watch the rugby match and we actually do watch the football. I can understand regular pubs showing rugby to get sunshine crowds in but sports bars should know better. The rugby bubble will burst and you have pissed off the loyal football fans to a point where personally I actually avoid certain pubs in Galway as a result, I am defiantly not alone on this matter. Know your role sports bars and cop on.

Put that in your blog,
Angry Disturbed Steve


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3 Responses to Steve Vs. Rugby

  1. Conzo says:

    I like rugby and football but I do prefer football so I understand yor fury at not being able to find a game anywhere, the least the bars with multiple TVs could do is show both… also gotta agree with that dude above….Connacht are shit, as are all Irish football teams.

  2. Neal Heneghan says:

    Rugby’s a great game Steve! Get on board! There’s world class rugby players playing your door step. Compare that to the parttime jokers playing soccer in Galway. Its defiantly not fair to call Connacht fans “fairweather”. The weather is rarely fair in the sports ground and I mean that both literally and metaphorically. I’ll finish by saying, soccer is boring. There is soo much more going on in a rugby match! It is so much more tactical!

    • Sir, I have no words. We used to be friends but now I don’t know what to think… I don’t want you reading the blog anymore as I don’t want your type associated with anything I am involved in. Turn in your badge and gun. Rory, we give people badges and guns ya? 🙂

      Anyway thanks for the comment bro!

      Anyway while I disagree with what you say I will defend to the death your right to say it.

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