Anybody want to learn?

I’ve tried in vain the last year or so to volunteer to teach elderly people basics of computers. I picked that cause because as some of you may have seen from reading my posts, I am a bitter cranky guy and I seem to get a long with people who are getting on in years. I went to Cairns in Australia and buddied up with a guy who was in his 70’s for feck sake. Any way as I said I’ve tried in vain, it’s not going to happen. Any time I try to volunteer there’s a suggestion to me that I can do it in the evenings or weekends but it always becomes week day mornings or afternoons so I got to thinking, maybe I could come on here and offer something better.

IT is currently one of the few industries in the country which is still going strong. I have worked in my current job for just shy of 5 years. I have developed pretty good knowledge of Windows Operating Systems, Scripting, Microsoft Office, Computer repairs etc. My main area of expertise is Application Virtualization. Microsoft APP-V is the leader in this market, I have also learned VMWare ThinApp and Citrix XenApp. So, if there is a demand for any free knowledge sharing maybe I can try and get some training materials together for you our loyal readers. Maybe even arrange a workshop to do demos and training. So once again our disgusting public, let us know if you have any interest. I already offered this a few weeks ago on my personal Facebook page and the silence was deafening but I can at least still know I tried.



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