My Cousin James

Right, so I wrote this while I was on the bus earlier today but didn’t want to post it. I have decided to now so here goes. This isn’t on here to gain views or followers or anything like that. It’s just me paying tribute (poorly) to my little cousin James who passed away on Saturday. I know it doesn’t fit the bill for the regular stuff on here but deal with it. Thanks, Steve.

So less than an hour after seeing my 16 year old cousin buried I find myself on a bus back to Galway for work. We just passed his house and it’s really struck me now that I will never see him again.

I walked into that house last night to the sight of that poor lad in a coffin dressed in his Liverpool gear covered in photos and notes that his classmates placed with him. One particular lad walked up to the coffin easily 20 times to say his final goodbye. His parents called him home so he said one final goodbye to James and talked to all of us in the room at around 9 last night before leaving. He was back again to do the same thing several times more by 10! It was heartbreaking seeing all those kids in bits.

This guy had so many friends it is honestly unbelievable. A well known mayo footballer was in bits at the sight of James last night. He and James have been close for years and he was the guest of honor for that Footballers all star award night. This guy is exactly what James ultimately wanted to become but physically would never have been capable to see that dream come true.

Some of the pictures in the house last night were amazing. James has literally met everybody he ever wanted! The make a wish foundation took him to Liverpool to a match a few years ago. He is a huge Liverpool fan, and i mean a huge Liverpool fan, and he had the time of his life taking pictures with Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres. One of his buddies told a great story last night about when he text James wondering what he was up to for the day, James text back “Ahh not much! Just having toast with Steven Gerrard!” Only James!

20120501-102520 p.m..jpg

James I remember the night we found out you were coming into the world and I remember the day you were born. Flash forward 16 short years and I’m carrying your coffin out of a church. I just don’t understand. The great thing about you is that you have done so much in those 16 years. All I have done in the last 16 years is grow and I’m not sure I even did that right! You have gone through absolute hell and never complained once, you took everything in your stride with courage and bravery well beyond your years.

I have always seen you as a brother and I hope you know that. You always had that cheeky smile on your face and thats how I will remember you. Also did you have to get “You’ll never walk alone” played in the church? I mean come on! 🙂

So this is just my little crappy tribute to a truly great young lad. The word legend is over used in society but you buddy are the yardstick.

James McHale, you sir are my hero. Love you kid. Sleep well.

You’ll never walk alone dude.



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