Steves 2011

So it’s New Years Eve and I’m feeling reflective. 2011 has been a very strange year in SteveTown and today I have decided to review the year that was.

So 2011 was weird. It was my first year as a single man in my entire adult life and it’s an odd life I tell ya! Still not used to it but il crack on and see what single life throws at me (hopefully it’s women and not rotten fruit)

Also this blog was started late on this year and it has proven to be a godsend. Now I can get all my madness out of my head in a constructive manner rather than exploding with a few beers on me like I used to!


Discovered Zack Ryder and his comedy gold!

This blog…too much craic!

The Fernando Torres affair…hilarious.

Gained lots of followers on twitter due to my insane ramblings.

Manchester United winning their 19th league title. Oh, and Chicarito!

Having my own place. I can’t recommend it enough. You don’t have to put up with other peoples bullshit and neither do they, everybody wins!

Saturday afternoons in the pub watching football with Rory, Oisin and others…bro-tastic!

The BAD…

My Job…extremely difficult year!

The crazy decisions of Manchester United FC. The sale of John o Shea and the signing of David De Gea. Baffled by it all.

David De Gea. I feel I need to drive that point home.

Very little of the no pants dance. Too much information you say? Well stop reading then!

My discovery late in my 20s that nine out of ten women are psychotic. It’s true and you know it!

Lots of mates left the country. This reduces our chances of going for pints as bros you idiots! Did you even think of my feelings?

Had to stop drinking coke…that hurt il tell you. Ugh I would murder my own children for one sweet can of coke! Luckily I don’t have children so it’s not an issue!

My attempt at putting up a Xmas tree was a disaster, took it down almost instantly.

Still have not had a pint with Jeff Stelling, another year passes without us meeting up bro! Get back to me, I know you are a massive fan of!

John Terry.

I lost the battle to the “twenty eleven” crowd and I am now one of you. I swore I’d never join your group but here I am. When you lured me into a van with the promise of sweeties I suspected something bad was gonna happen…

The phone I had for years packed it in during the summer. I had it for 4 years and we did everything together. I called it John McClaine due to it’s indestructible ways and pure charisma. R.I.P JMC. Poor thing was only two days away from retirement…

Becoming a shirt person…never thought I’d do it but that’s life I guess.

Galway. I’m starting to notice that people are less craic around here nowadays. It’s driving me mental.

Students…oh students I hate you so much it gives me energy. Living in the city centre leaves me open to lots of these idiots on a nightly basis. I can out last them though.

I started to get hangovers this year. I have never had them before and I am not a fan. Im talking proper full on 40 year old woman type hangovers. Sunday mornings are a disaster for me now…it sucks but somebody has to do it.

20111231-054214 p.m..jpg

So on that note I’m off. I have a hangover to prepare for! On behalf of Rory and myself…Happy New Year to you, our disgusting public, and thanks for the support.

Anyone fancy a shift at midnight? No? Fine! Screw you lot, I hope you have mediocre 2012, I mean really mediocre. #Heel.


20111231-053854 p.m..jpg


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