Bus Drivers: Irelands Bastards

So it’s St.Stephens Day and I have just arrived back in Galway after my Christmas visit to the parents. Oh the pints flowed, Santa brought socks and I had fun. While I enjoy this time of year (which also happens to be my birthday) there is always a downside…dealing with bus drivers! What is wrong with these people?

After last years disaster with buses getting home I decided to be at the bus station well ahead of time. Having bought my ticket earlier in the day I walked to the bus station with my usual ‘Its my birthday, nothing can bring me down’ stride. I skipped along the streets of Galway humming “walking on sunshine” and wishing random strangers a Happy Christmas!

I approach the bus station only to see the bus to Ballina pulling away 15mins ahead of time with arse all people on it! I had to run up and knock on the door for him to let me in. I will never ever forget the look he gave me. It was as if I had slapped his mother on her wedding day.

20111226-043108 p.m..jpg

I handed him the ticket and he grunted at me. I decided to poke the old bear. “Are you in a rush? I thought this bus wasn’t leaving until 12.15? oh toto toto” I remarked, quite sexily. His response was “Grrrrrr Grrrr raar raar”. I sensed a real battle of wits shaping up so I decided to just take a seat.

I was pissed off as it was but when we got to Claregalway he really showed his dirty angry bus driver personality. An elderly lady needed help getting her bag into the undercarriage yolk outside. He stood up and said “Ahh for Jesus sake” It’s was amazing. What an asshole! If I treated people like that in my job I would be out the door.

How do people like this even become employed? They seem to get hired based on how much of a prick they are. Here’s the interview…

Bus Station Manager: “So why do you want to be a bus driver? Impress me son.”

Interviewee: Well ever since I was a little boy I have always wanted to sit down for hours at a time and treat people like shit for profit. I love being a complete asshole and it’s time I turn it into a career.

Bus Station Manager: “I don’t know what IT is…but you’ve got IT! You’re hired kid.”

20111226-044951 p.m..jpg

Seriously, I’m sick of having to put up with these people. Why do we suffer them and not speak up. I think some of these lads are waiting for somebody to piss them off just so they can be miserable and seem important. One mans opinion that I’m pretty sure will be a universal one.

Put that in your blog.



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