Prick of the Week 3!

So it’s that time again folks, drumroll please….It’s Prick of the Week time!

This weeks winner is a real son of a bitch, he takes credit for the work of millions of workers and sits there laughing at our tears. I’m talking of course about Santa Claus. Uhhhh!

20111222-083158 p.m..jpg

You see working in retail at christmas can be an awful stressful thing. People are highly strung and extremely determined to ensure their kids gets that piece of crap they want from Santa. I get that, it’s cool.

What I don’t get is how that fat smug son of a bitch takes all the credit while we in retail, freight, warehousing (and of course the tiny slave children that make the stuff) are doing all the leg work. Not only that but parents are pushed to their finical limits a lot of the time just to keep this Santa lad in business….Are you serious bro?

I have spent years researching this Santa dude and there are so many holes in his story. How can he possibly know if we have been naughty or nice? How come his elves don’t set up an online store on the side to make some extra cash? How is it that parents buy the stuff and somehow Santa delivers it? Where does the changeover happen?!

I want answers to all of these questions and more. So i have decided that this Xmas night I intend to spend the night on the floor with a shotgun pointed at the fireplace waiting for him…I will beat the answers out of him if I have to. And i have got just the line for him…

“Check this twice, Claus” Then I pull off my sunglasses dramatically.

Well at least he’s a Zack Ryder fan so maybe il go easy on him

20111222-084959 p.m..jpg

Put that in your blog.



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We sit around all day stroking our beards, clucking our tongues and discussing what's to be done with this Homer Simpson
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