Should we all be racist now Father?

The last 24 hours have been unbearable on twitter due to the coverage of the Luiz Suarez ban and the John Terry criminal charge both in relation to racism. The worst part being in relation to the Suarez ban. It has become a Liverpool vs Manchester United row through it’s fans. It’s totally missing the point.

Now just to let you know in the interest of fairness I am a Man United fan but my comments from now on are not influenced by that at all. I’m a football fan first and foremost.

Now Liverpool Football Club released a statement last night fully supporting Suarez and the players today released a statement defending Suarez. Both violently defend the player for not being a racist. Totally missing the point. He has been banned for a racist comment not for being a racist! Both statements say “Luiz is not a racist” and “It’s one players account against another”

Firstly, he hasn’t been called a racist and secondly it’s not “one players account against the other” Suarez admitted saying it you clowns! He blames cultural differences for the word used but in fairness…the word “negrito” isn’t exactly lost in translation. Shut up Liverpool fans, he deserves his ban and 8 games isn’t enough in my opinion. Although I do agree with the notion that Evra should also be banned as he too has admitted mocking Suarez. It’s a mess! Case closed shut up I’m sick of it. Stop defending this idiot. He’s not a racist he’s just too stupid to know any better. Cultural differences ey? How about I walk into Harlem and scream the N word down a megaphone? Will my cultural differences save me there? Didn’t help John McClaine in Die Hard 3 il tell you that much!

And we move on to good ol John Terry. Englands brave lion John Terry. A throwback to your typical english centre halves. Strong, brave, passionate and has England flowing through his veins. Not really. He’s an absolute walking Satan. How England have made him captain again and again is baffling!

The list of stuff he has done is amazing. He is your typical knacker that won the lottery. Apart from Terry mocking American tourists while pissed in an airport in a post 9/11 2001 this newest JohnBoyism has to be the biggest reason to hate him. He IS a racist. We all know and saw what happened and so did the police.

John Terry is facing criminal charges for his comments and Chelsea FC still back him? Are you serious bro? How can they back him? It is very clear to see what he said on live television!

This piece of scum should never be allowed to play football in England again. He is a disease that we have to put up with week after week and year after year. I just don’t know what it is going to take to damage his reputation!! He’s scum. How many more disabled parking spaces does he have to take? How many more under the table 10k tours of the Chelsea training ground will it take? He is a piece of filth that makes the game I love look like shit because he is at the top of it. A known idiot leading his country out to the pitch must piss other people off too no?

In closing. Suarez is an absolute idiot for what he said but he just doesn’t know any better. He’s a clown and the fact that LFC back him even after he admitted saying it is astonishing. Even worse was the fact that the LFC statement was directed at Patrice Evra. Small petty people over there at Liverpool. How about addressing the fact that your main man needs a muzzle (Let’s see if anybody gets the reference…think Ajax last year)

John Terry is just a disgrace of a human being. I really hope he never kicks a ball again. If he gets 8 games like Suarez it wont do. Terry needs to be taught a lesson. Throw him in the cells for a night or two to make an example out of him. John Terry is the future self of one of those little knackers that looted London during the summer.

If you really want to “Kick racism out of football” do it right. Rio Ferdinand was banned for 8 months for missing a drug test (fair enough I think) surely video evidence of racism should require a similar ban? Fine them a years wages and let them sit out a season. It’s the only way. An 8 game ban is one game shy of the total of 3 bad tackles….think of it that way. Not enough.

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