Irish People 3

So here we go again. I think it’s the only running blog that myself and my esteemed colleague both dip in on.

So Irish people ey…we are a lovable bunch, not really. I find lots of Irish people to be awful bastards. I think the poster child for Board Failte should be this… A post menopausal thundercunt wearing designer glasses and a €700 coat from Brown Thomas screaming at a 16 year old girl behind a checkout desk because she was asked to pay 22c for a bag. If im not mistaken that levy has been in place for close to 10 years? That is Ireland these days. The people with money in the boom largely still have it and they walk around with an inflated sense of importance. Fair play to them I guess?

But lately I’m seeing two types of people. One asking me how business is, genuinely interested. Il talk away to them about patterns, peaks, projections and all that and myself and himself will come away from that conversation as good bros. Employed or Unemployed these people are good to have around, they show genuine interest.

The other type is the one that has never worked a day in their lives. Be it a twenty something with daddy supporting their travels around the world or a trophy wife. Both equally infuriating. Now I’m not ragging on them totally. They have found a path in life and let them off, I could care less about their lazy and hollow existence. What I do take issue with however is in regards to these losers giving off when I complain about my job. I don’t care if there are 400,000 or 4m unemployed in this country it doesn’t mean these idiots can preach to me about being “lucky to have a job”.

I’m not lucky to have a job, I am deserving of a job. I didn’t spend my early 20s drunk in San Diego summer after summer. I didn’t spend my early 20s “in college” while having my parents support my anti social behavior. I didn’t spend my early 20s sitting at home hour after hour talking shite on facebook waiting for a grant from the government.

I have spent every week of my life since the age of 13 working. I have spend my late teens and all of my 20s working my ass off rather than standing around with my hands in my pocket waiting for the social welfare to fund my trips to Spain. Your travel experience is really going to help you in the jobs market sir, I’d hire you just to throw you in the deep end with real people.

The next person that tells me that I shouldn’t complain and that I’m lucky to have a job is getting a kick in the teeth.

Happy Christmas you losers. I hope you enjoy your time off…365 days is it? Not bad.

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One Response to Irish People 3

  1. 21outsonline says:

    365 days is it? HAHAHAHAHAHHAH!!!!!!!!!

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