Let’s get silly

There are three things I hate in life. Kanye West, the supposed comedy of Michael McIntyre and boredom. I am currently bored out of my mind so I have been half asleep and day dreaming for the last two hours. While day dreaming I have come up with the greatest board game in history. I call it “Let’s Get Silly”

20111218-041905 p.m..jpg

Now bear with me here. Basically iv been looking around my house and I have spotted a few things I can use for jigactin. You will need the following…

1 x Empty pizza box
6 x Dice pieces
1 x Christmas Tree
1 x “Earth, Wind and Fire: Best of” CD

It is also advisable to grab some good bros and a few beers.

Ok so here’s the idea. You draw a circle in the pizza box and divide it into 6 segments. Now, you can come up with your own ideas for what the segments mean but I recommend my ones.

1. Kick a pigeon.
2. Publicly shout at an elderly woman.
3. Slap a noisy student, several times.
4. Chat up a female Garda, hammered.
5. Dance with a traffic warden.
6. Ruin Santa Claus for a child.

Ok after you come up with whatever forfeits you want let’s get started. Basically you lay the pizza box underneath the tree, shotgun a beer and fling all 6 dice at the tree. Whichever segment the most dice fall in is the forfeit you must complete. All while “September” by Earth Wind and Fire plays in the background.

You can get out of doing the forfeit by shotgunning another beer leading to hilariously silly results. Yaay! Last man standing wins…another beer!

Now there are a few bonuses for getting sillier than the rest. If all fallen dice land on the one segment you win the right to do whatever you want to the others with no repercussions. Why not call work on their behalf and tell the boss that Joe won’t be in tomorrow due to “ass issues”?

But the royal flush of “Let’s Get Silly” is this. If you throw all of the dice and they all stay in the tree you earn “The Bastard Card”. This entitles you to make these people your personal servants for a period of one year. They will do all your bidding with a smile on their face and call you sir.

Need something from the shop? Need your shoes shined? Bill due? A mates hot sister? All these things are made possible by flashing the bastard card.

I think it’s a great activity for everybody on Christmas Day, why not give it a go?

*Patent Pending*

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