A Book Review

So I’m getting great feedback on this site. People like what they read and the ladies are falling over themselves trying to get a piece of us. Although I love this thing I think it’s time to class this place up a bit, perhaps something highbrow. So to that end it’s book review time!

It’s time to pick the bones of “Peppa and the Big Train”

20111215-070521 p.m..jpg

“Peppa and the Big Train” is the tale of a class of talking pigs going on a school trip by train. I couldn’t contain my excitement at the thoughts of this. Essentially the lads pile onto a train and the teacher hands them activity sheets. These sheets had pictures of things they needed to spot in the world speeding past the windows of the train. Perhaps the author is telling us to slow down in life and just take it all in.

The book has a bit of everything. Comedy, pretty colours and a suspenseful moment where a line of ducks were nearly killed while crossing the train tracks! I had to change my shorts after that bit.


There were lots of pretty pictures.
The pages were made of cardboard so I couldnt hurt myself on the sharp ends of the pages, great touch.
The many subtle messages about life fill me with hope.


With such a large cast on the train the author struggles to establish any character depth.
With the book at a whopping 7 pages I feel it dragged in the middle, a more direct approach to the plot would have helped the book move like the train it so vividly characterised. Perhaps 4 pages next time.
The cardboard pages, while great for health and safety reasons, made it impossible for me to colour things in. My crayons were no match for the glossy cardboard pages.

All in all “Peppa and the Big Train” is a delight, I giggled and clapped my hands wildly throughout. The author has made the boring snoozefest of a train journey seem like mighty craic altogther. The power of the written word shines throughout. This book has made me feel extremely excited and I’m in such a good mood I don’t feel the need to comment on my wish to murder Kanye West.

4 Steves out of 5. Huzzah!

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