Looking for accomodation in Galway

Thanks to the uncertain nature of living with students and then with people losing jobs, I’ve had the strange situation of living pretty much all over our lovely Galway City, so rather than keeping it to myself I figured it might be useful to somebody who is planning on moving into the city.

Dominick Street

I lived in a place which  faced St. Marys Road and also connected to Raleigh Row which is a small lane way off Dominick Street. The apartment block I lived in was Sancta Maria. It was a fine apartment. Unfortunately the one I was in was below ground so there was very little natural light getting in from the back. Dominick Street was always busy at night and on more than one occasion when walking home I got hassled by some townie fucks. I also have visited people in apartments along Dominick Street, with the usual verdict being there’s better places to live and the noise isn’t suitable for somebody who works days.


I lived in Renmore for about 4 months between college years as I was working in town. The bus service sucked so I had to walk in a fair bit which was a pain in the ass. The only shops near by me was Merlin stores or the shop by Glassan (I think another opened in Lurgan Park). If anybody on here as ever visited Merlin Stores you’d know it’s not the most welcoming of places. Living in Renmore was fine but the difference in rent to the rent closer to town didn’t make much sense to me so when I got the chance I moved again.


There was nothing but un-savoury characters out in Newcastle. Dodgy drug dealing types and possibly worse, NUIG students. Drunk students are a law into themselves, if you move to Newcastle, Woodquay, Bohermore, Sandy Road, Dun na Coiribe (some of the Headford Road but not all) area or some of the Westside you have to expect disturbances at night because the Celtic Cubs are out to play in these areas. Also a lot of the houses out that side are old, built poorly and over-priced.

Headford Road

I lived very far out on the Headford in Caireal Mor, it was a great place to live. A very regular bus service, two decent shops within walking distance (Tesco Express and Centra) and the only students out that side were mature students or so it seemed. I lived in Dun na Coiribe also, when I was there the only noise I got from students was during RAG week and maybe one or two other times but things have become worse over the years over there. Also the places in Dun were built very poorly. I’d go for something the far end of the estate in Goirt na Coiribe but never in Dun again.


Living in Mervue was ok. It was a pretty boring existence. The bus service was very regular but there were very few other young people in the area, all families. The houses were all old, in fact some are in the second oldest housing estate in the country. Better built than the likes of Dun na Coiribe but still, I don’t think I’d live out there again.

Lough Atalia

By far the best place I have ever lived. The apartment was a but on the expensive side but it was very well built. Eyre Square was a five minute walk. The view really made it. I have to say, you get a bit down due to the weather in this country but when you have the view I had in Lough Atalia it really helps. When there’s ice you get a different but still great view, ditto rain and snow.


Salthill is a great area…for two weeks of the year. The places are pretty over-priced. The nightlife is great but town is a bit of a walk, the bus service is fine except for a Sunday during the winter. If you work on the East side of the city, which a lot of people would, I would suggest it. I know a lot of people working there live in Barna or Knocknacarra. Personally, It wouldn’t be my first choice again


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