Irish People 2

I won’t take the word thundercunt from Steve for this but today like for him, I came across a group of ignorant cunts on my lunch break. I walked across to the Centra near where I work. The line for the Deli was out the door, the line for the tills was looped around the store and also going out the door. First there was the two middle aged ladies in the line for the deli behind me talking to each other about how crazy the lines were and shouldn’t there be more space to fit all the people. No you f’kin idiot, it’s X-mas time, it’s also lunch and there’s over a thousand people in the Industrial estate right behind the place…you think they should have more space because it get’s crazy busy twice a year (Galway races too), don’t go to the f’kin shop at lunch time anymore ya donkey rapist.

I then get my food within 5 minutes of getting to the place. Decent timing, I saw the long lines and could have made the choice to go somewhere else, just like every other asshole in the place that also had that choice. I accepted, it might take me 10-15 mins to get my food and leave, if I didn’t I would have turned back because I know long lines means a wait. It’s not rocket science you shitheads.

Then I get my food and join the line for the till. The woman behind me in this line goes to the guy behind her and say’s you’d think they’d have somebody else on the till other than the one person (the other guy had left his till to help some other fuckin dumbass use the coffee machine because she’s a dumbass…try to keep up) then the woman in front turns around to me with a dumb, ugly, ignorant look on her face, red in the cheeks saying “this is ridiculous, we have been waiting ages”. No you dumb fuck, we’ve been in the line for 2 minutes on a very busy day. They had 5 people working in the deli, 2 people for the pumps and 2 people on the till. Oh and by the way, when I got to the top of the line the woman behind me that mouthed off earlier said they are really quick actually in a suprised tone.

I have this sneaking suspicion that before the Celtic Tiger era most people did not work and if they did it was farm work or a trade, they then chanced into money during the boom, either by marrying a rich guy/girl or by being in the right place at the right time. Point being they never had to work menial, shitass jobs like retail. So rather than feel sympathetic for people who have to work these jobs or in the least respect the people, they will look down their noses, come into the shop and pay with money in a piggy bank 10 minutes before closing, try to haggle the price of something with a person who is on minimum wage, walk with shit covered boots all over the floor you just washed, clog the toilet you have to clean for your measly 8.65 an hour and if you can’t serve them quickly enough or give them the product they desire, it’s simply a case that YOU provided them bad service. Well Fuck you Irish public! We’re in a situation now where the normal thing is to take the dole, default on your mortgage and expect sympathy rather than getting off your ass and working in a shop, fast food place, pub etc. It’s these same people who have to much “pride” to work such a job that shit all over the people that do. Who ironically are funding their dole!!! Are you serious Bro!?

They say you are what you eat and in this country we ain’t being fed nothing but garbage and so we’ve let ourselves become garbage. There’s no more great craic at the community games or at some other community event like the Gymkhana or town orgy because people have become so stuck up their own holes that they are complete thundercunts. Sorry Steve. Remember when things were like the Castletown Donkey Derby 1994 (If you haven’t seen this, look it up on Youtube, I can’t embed it here and you can’t see it on your reminds me of my upbringing and his genius!)

I just Blogged my brains out,



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