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I remember when I was growing up the cool station to listen to was Atlantic 252 on MW. I always thought it was only cool because it was a non-Irish radio station and people saw novelty in that fact. It wasn’t until it was gone and I was subjected to the horrendous shite that is Irish radio that I saw how good it actually was. Our country is apparently very cultured yet all our radio stations play is the latest fart noises from Rihanna, Katy Perry or God forbid those tall haired cock suckers Jedward. The Kings of Leon and Thrillers are seen as the top rock acts in the eyes of most Irish people in their teens to early 20’s because that is the music they have been exposed to. There’s better rock bands playing residency in bars in fuckin Longford than the one’s that get played on Irish radio. The only thing worse than the music itself is possibly the DJs. I have a hatred of people anyway but the DJs selected for nearly all of the Irish stations seem from a unique group of shitheads. Soulless, Lame, College Humor, Nasaly dipshits.

I was unfortunate/fortunate enough that the first 2 cars I owned did not have a working radio. So I was my own DJ for a long time, Shuffle on my iPod or CD’s were my form of radio. I then bought a pile of crap Sony Ericsson phone that had a radio built in and so one faithful night as I went to sleep I put the headphones on and had myself a listen. What I heard inspired me to make my first ever complaint to any company, organization or person ever. Here’s what I sent:

Hi Grainne,
Sorry to vent on you but I did not see any e-mail address for a complaints section. I was listening to the show that runs from midnight as I went to bed last night and its the second time I’ve had the displeasure of chancing upon this garbage. I understand that not every segment can please all listeners but the only people that this show could possibly entertain is very spoiled brat students and possibly nuns that enjoy some nice tame banter. This audience is already being catered for by 2FM and TodayFm!
I have only listened to the station three times now, once during the day when one of the stations presenters started bashing that Saw Doctors single that went number one, it might of been shite but the single was for charity and I found his behaviour to be childish particularly when he was playing music that I found just as shite, I believe the station(not sure if your DJ’s control whats played) played a Kings Of Leon song twice within an hour on that show. When I first heard of this new alternative radio station setting up in my own home town I got really excited as I feel Today FM and 2FM are not a good representation of my demographic but I have been bitterly disappointed by the stations copy cat approach and find myself still with no reason to get the radio in my car fixed. With no alternative I will give your radio station one more chance and try listening to your morning show but thus far I am not impressed.
I’m sorry as I’m sure your not the person to direct this to but I’d appreciate if you could forward this on to someone that might but probably won’t care. Even so its nice to rant.
P.S Last night I switched over from the presenters talking about their childhoods and listened to a repeat of Kieth Finnegan talking about illegal dumping of a mattress…I write out of desperation!


Needless to say I didn’t receive any reply. I did try the morning show and listened to a similarly brain dead duo talk about mundane bullshit that only a sad ass would be interested in hearing about. I then went back to not listening to any radio.

I bought a new car last March and so I had the option of a radio. My iTrip doesn’t seem to work and there’s no cassette player for one of those contraptions for hooking up an MP3 player so I find myself  switching from CD to radio every once in a while. I’ve listened enough to give my opinion on some of the stations:

TodayFM: Terrible! Gift Grub is past it’s prime, Ray D’Arcy is even less interesting than he use to be. Matt Cooper wouldn’t know an interesting topic if it bit him on the ass.

2FM: What the fuck is this shit. Tubirdy in the morning sounds like the most pretentious fuckwit I’ve ever heard. They barely play any music anymore and when they do it seems like it’s a song that was popular about 3 months ago and was shite then and is still shite now. Their news coverage fucking sucks and is only made worse by the weather which states something general like Watch out in coastal areas, gael force winds expected and then gives the tempature, rainfall and wind for Dublin only as though it’s for the country…Are you serious Bro!?

Galway Bay FM: Give it up Keith, backup that sorry excuse for a radio stations, move to Dublin and stop bothering us. Also why do you have a phone number for requests, when if you call they say sorry it’s not on the agreed playlist…cock suckers

4FM: Loved it at first but there’s now way too much talking and currently music thrown in. The talk show at night is fucking outrageous, if you haven’t heard it have a listen. It’s entertaining but at the same time it’s probably the equivelant of Bill O’Reilly on Fox News only O’Reilly never personally went to the cops to make claims against a presedential candidate! Entertaining but probably for the wrong reasons…

RTE and Lyric FM: They are what they are and have their place for certain people, not my cup of tea but it’s good to have something for everyone if you can. Which would further the call for getting proper genre specific radio stations like in the states. Classic Rock station, Hip Hop, Trad, Whatever….

iRadio: This sounds like Flirt FM, which also sucks by the way, only these gobshites get a much wider audience. This station is that guy in CP’s that has his collar popped up, hair spiked to the ceiling, un-earned sense of acheivement and an even bigger sense of entitlement and queues up at the ATM at Midnight because Daddy pays him through his company every Thursday night/Friday Morning. iRadio you sicken me and if you were a person I’d punch you in the throat.

Maybe I’m a little too harsh and cynical on this or just completely out of the loop. But I can’t imagine it’s right that I lose interest in the radio in my early teens. But I can’t imagine it’s right that people watch singing competitions and buy the CD’s of people who can’t actually sing but have some imaginary X-Factor about them either. Deep breath!!

I just blogged my brains out,



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