So people that know me will tell you that I’m not exactly the best cook in the world, to be honest all of my cooking things (that’s right) are under the sink since my housemate moved out 18 months ago. I have used one of the saucepans to drain my washing machine several times.

Now I’m ok with my lack of ability with a cooking machine thing. Iv decided that it’s not a device I use and iv made my life fit around that meaning iv come up with a few dishes that would make other people move back to their mothers house to ensure the world still makes sense. I get that. I’m unusual as a food person.

Now my food ways and peoples reactions never bothered me until I saw that new SuperValu ad. Some chef lad (I assume hes famous) gets a Swissroll…mashes it into a brandy glass…throws a load of berries into it and serves it to a child. AND THE CROWD GOES WILD!!! Fuck you captain chefs hat!

20111208-010155 a.m..jpg

Now if these people are ok with that lazy attempt at foodage (a word iv just invented) then iv got a few suggestions from Steves book of masterpieces. This is culinary fusion at it’s finest.

Waffles, spaghetti hoops and smash.

Sausage rolls with wedges (Steve snackbox)

The heavily salted toasted microchip sandwich.

Pizza sandwich (two slices pushed together. It’s a taste explosion)

20111208-011802 a.m..jpg

All of the above is best served with a bottle of your finest cheapest beer while your xbox is on pause. It cant be that bad for you, im still alive and awesome. Bon appetite you ingrates.

Put that in your blog.



About thecityfathers

We sit around all day stroking our beards, clucking our tongues and discussing what's to be done with this Homer Simpson
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One Response to DisasterChef

  1. Rory says:

    I use to like beans, peas, corn and rice all mixed together. I call it Hurricane Katrina.

    Sean asked me to get him some Coke and beans from the shop the other night to which I did quickly retort. Ah the Gerry Ryan dinner. You see, he was overweight and enjoyed what we in the IT biz call Cocaine

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