Prick of the Week

Welcome to my new weekly feature…Prick of the Week!

So I know that it is only Wednesday evening but I’m pretty sure this guy is not going to be trumped. See I was planning on sitting down after work on Friday with a beer to think back on the week, naming one person the Prick of the Week. It was my new project. But today I came across an absolute bastard so infuriating he makes Kanye West look like a friendly bunny rabbit.

20111207-074125 p.m..jpg

So I’m queuing up in Tesco on my lunch break. I have a few things in my hand and I dropped my wallet while in one of the two ques for the tills. I had to set a few things down so that I could get everything back in balance on one hand while getting my laser card from my wallet with the other. So I do this expertly only to stand back up and find that the guy that was behind me is now on front of me in the que!

I tapped the guy on the shoulder and said “sorry buddy you jumped the que there” He said nothing. I assumed he was a thick fuck so I said it again. He again did not acknowledge me. So I walk to the side of him and again explain the situation to him. He just looks past me and says “I’m on my lunch and I’m in a hurry, grow up”

I then calmly explained to this member of the braindead rodent family that I too was on my lunch and he can’t pull that crap. He just gave me a smirk and walked up to the counter, jumping the que for the other till and dropped his stuff on the counter! What an absolute cunt! I was pissed off enough but the lady at the top of the other que gave him hell. He just walked off when he was finished.

That was bad enough but what he didn’t see was the legacy of his misdeed. The lady at the top of the other que abused the poor girl at the till for letting him be served before her. That asshole ruined that poor girls day and she was most likely told off by her manager…what an absolute prick! Also he was just buying a pack of ham…who buys just ham?! I bet he is planning on stealing bread bought by a co-worker in the canteen of the sweat shop he operates from his mothers shed. I hope there was no butter in the fridge when you got there you piece of filth.

20111207-075638 p.m..jpg

I really hope that this Fantastacunt has a wife that is shagging his herpes ridden brother while he’s away from home skipping ques and stealing co-workers food.

I think this guy earns the award for…


Put that in your blog.


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We sit around all day stroking our beards, clucking our tongues and discussing what's to be done with this Homer Simpson
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One Response to Prick of the Week

  1. 21outsonline says:

    Fucking cunt! He was probably having sex with the ham… Queue skippers deserve to be bitch slapped!!! This has filled me with rage…as my blood boils I think back to every situation where I have come across pricks like this… that being said this definitely takes the biscuit… ‘GROW UP!!!’??????? that fucking prick……

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