People at Christmas

So iv just come home from a long ass day at work. As is custom at this time of year I have to put up with some of the most remarkable people on the planet…pissed off parents! Yaaaay!

You see, the reason certain things sell out early is because they are on sale all fucking year long!! These fuckheads seem to think that things kids ask Santa for actually go on sale on the 1st of December… This would be a fairly shit business model you ass clowns!

After I explain that what they want to get for their child has sold out weeks ago these people go through 5 stages of grief.

20111205-072644 p.m..jpg

1. Confusion
2. Panic
3. Desperation
4. Vitriolic Anger
5. Laughable Claims

Now tv ads and music will make you believe that Christmas is a wonderful time of year. I’m afraid it’s not the case for people working in retail. Take last Friday for example.

I fell out of my bed at 6am and began my stumbling journey in the cold, wind and pissing rain. When I got there I had to stocktake before the place opened. Then, for the further 8 hours I was there while the shop was open, I was abused or treated like shit by every second customer while I had to stand there and take it. Christmas brings out the very worst in people and I’m really sick of being treated like a discarded toenail by these cunts! After days like that I go through 5 stages of retailer grief.

1. Pure hatred for the common man
2. Couch fall
3. Murder Daydreams
4. Alcohol
5. Weeping

So this is me just having a rant after a horrible day. Today I had a run in with my most hated of people… The Post-Menopause thundercunt. We had the budget announcement on the radio (joyous ey?) while this vermin was complaining about the price of video games as a whole. Exact quote…

“Are you not listening to this? People don’t have the money any more”

She said this as she handed me over €400 in cash…fuck off you waste of oxygen. I really hope you die soon.

So I’m just making my adoring public here aware that you cannot treat people like dirt and expect them to help you out with a sale. Christmas is a terrible time of year to be in most types of employment, understand this and I won’t secretly smash your stuff before I scan it. Happy Christmas you absolute lunatics.

Perhaps teaching your spoiled rude posh cunt children to avoid becoming like their materialistic fuckwit parents will save you hassle next year and we can be friends? No? Didn’t think so. Fuck you all! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Put that in your blog

Angry Steve

P.S. As with all “Angry Steve” posts, this has not been spell checked as I write these in a fury of anger on my phone which has weird predictive text.

If you find a spelling or grammar mistake just see them as me on top of your sister, that’ll change your tune mighty quick, woo woo woo!


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