Budget 2012: Rape the Final Frontier

I’ve been watching the budget coverage for the last 30 minutes and I still have no idea how this affects me. Do you know why? Because the media wants to play to peoples heart strings and talk about welfare cuts rather than tell me just how much more it is that I’m going to have snatched from my pocket? There is to be a second phase of budget announcements but I’d bet there’s a bunch in this first lot, that will cost me personally, but I’ll be damned if I know what they are because just like last year the government has made the budget purposely vague and misleading so there can be no knee jerk reaction from the public.

The media coverage of this has been sickening. The RTE coverage sucked the grizzled cheese off a middle aged divorcees wrinkled old cock. They did a run down on different scenarios, for example: An unemployed married couple with 4 kids. They are now getting less than they were. They don’t state that the cost of living has come down or mention ALL of the other benefits they are currently entitled to. Just that they got this much money for this last year and now they only get this. Oh how terrible, they get less money towards back to school for their two kids that are under 4 years of age. 4 years ago…hmmm most of the last 4 years saw this country in the worst recession in it’s history and these people still thought it was a good idea to have kids, they incur the risks and now I’m expected to feel sorry for them. Are you serious Bro!?

Then TV3 had a nice little piece on how my old friends the students, would be impacted with the rise in fee’s. A girl stated she went to St. Vincent De Paul and how humiliating that is for her. Why is that humiliating? Because your worthless ass can’t find a job or is it because your friends, who have wealthier parents look down on you? Secondly, Why should I care? The piece ended with a very misleading round of students answering what they will be doing next year. The answer from all those who made it to air at least was along the lines of: “Emigrating probably” , “Go abroad for a while or so” . This is of course shocking to the viewer…oh yeah wait why not compare to the answers you’d have got in 2005 or 2006, maybe something like “I’ll probably go abroad for a while or so”  Give me a break!

Also conveniently this nice little news broke on Sunday before the budget, that is that Seven Irish Universities had spent a fortune on Unauthorized pay to senior academics. The biggest offender was UCD who spent 3.5 million with our beloved NUIG spending 578k euro. Add that with huge expenses spent by the presidents office and it spells corruption my friends.

Something I caught on the way home on Newstalk was the suggestion that the topic of health cuts was difficult to decipher and it’s possible that people who have private health insurance would no longer have the choice of being a public patient. So the people who have had health insurance for the last 4 years or so will have seen their monthly charges to have sky rocketed,well now this will go even higher and if you have health insurance that only takes care of say 50% of your treatment that means you you’ll have been paying out the ass for your insurance the last couple of year and  if you are unfortunate enough to need to go to the hospital in the future, you’ll have pay no matter what the level of treatment you receive or how long you wait.

As far as I can see so far the worst hit are young disabled people who will have their weekly allowance cut from 188 euro to 100 euro a week. But conveniently they aren’t able to kick up a fuss or comprehend how they’ve been fucked over.

Kenny applied the lube last night with his horse shit speech, stuck it in today and he’ll be going as deep as he can in phase 2. Fuck the politicians and civil servants (some) in this country. Fuck them up their stupid asses

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