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Steves 2011

So it’s New Years Eve and I’m feeling reflective. 2011 has been a very strange year in SteveTown and today I have decided to review the year that was. So 2011 was weird. It was my first year as a … Continue reading

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Call of Duty life lessons

So it’s Friday night and I’m playing Call of Duty again. The life of a single man ey? While I am of course staring blankly at my TV, slowly sinking into my man chair as my beer supply rapidly depletes … Continue reading

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Galway United Job Application from 2008

In 2008 I decided with my in depth football knowledge I would embark on an adventure to try and become the esteemed manager of Galway United when the position was vacant. I applied through the proper channels and got the … Continue reading

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The 27th of Fuckember

Retail brothers…lend me your ears! Wasn’t today awful? Today is the worst day of the year to work in retail. It is the day in which people bring back all the stuff THEY THINK does not work. Now there are … Continue reading

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A very Rory Christmas

I was awoken at the ungodly hour of 6am this Christmas day by the gleeful little squeaks and giggles of my two kids Tyrone and Sandra. While their smoking hot mother who lay beside me in our large king sized … Continue reading

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Bus Drivers: Irelands Bastards

So it’s St.Stephens Day and I have just arrived back in Galway after my Christmas visit to the parents. Oh the pints flowed, Santa brought socks and I had fun. While I enjoy this time of year (which also happens … Continue reading

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How to pitch Woo to a lady

Some guys out there struggle to get the ladies, not me of course because I’m awesome and don’t stink of failure but for some it’s a constant uphill struggle. So that’s why I’m going to give some tips to all … Continue reading

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