Student Fees

So today a group of students from the National University of Galway trespassed on/in a Fine Gael TDs office in Galway city. They hung a sign saying “Free Education. Nothing Less”. Are you serious Bro!?

Why the fuck should these people get a free education? Who said because you are Irish you should get a free pass for everything in life? Fuck Socialism. I will sound like a bit of a hypocrite because I paid the Non-Tuition fees like every Irish person who went to college, meaning the state subsidized my fees and I paid the remainder which was between 1k-1.5k depending on the year. I struggled badly for my first couple of years of college and when I enquired about a student assistance fund, I was told it was limited to a certain number of people and already allocated both years. So I worked and worked and worked. One summer I worked 28 days in a row with the aim to have money going into my third year so I wasn’t so hard up for cash and could live better for my third year in college. Point being a system with free education will not work due to the cost nor would I want it in place in this country.

So now all of a sudden the student assistance fund is on the agenda because there’s a surge in the number of students who are requesting it? Well fuck that shit, where was the appeal on my behalf? And you want to hear the most sickening part of it all? For the last few years (after I had left college) the students had become much more anti-social and in a move to try and put a stop to that, the University big wigs have provided the Students Union with more in the kitty for the Assistance fund in return for cancelling the biggest drinking event of the year. NUIG are a bunch of cowards, what ever happened to the term “We will not negotiate with terrorists?”. The reason why these little shitheads act out and crap all over this town and it’s residents is because throughout their life people have been giving them what they want and letting them off when they do something wrong, I say arrest them and expel the motherfuckers from all Irish third level institutes for any offense that is deemed as anti-social behaviour.

Look at this quote from the president of NUIG student union regarding the students assistance fund:

“This is not people applying for money to buy video games – this is people who are struggling with day-to-day expenses such as food,” said Mr Connolly.

So what Mr. Connolly? Rather than looking for a handout, how about these people earn their keep? Oh wait the University doesn’t encourage students to work as it takes away from their education. Time to join the real world. If you have to work to survive, you do it, if you can use the excuse “My course is too tough for me to work a job” , Well, that means you can afford to make that excuse. Whether it be through your own savings, your state aide or your parents….if you have to work during college, you will work.

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