The Xfactor…Christ

Ok so I was in the middle of tweeting my feelings on this but Iv decided multiple 140 character texts won’t cover it.

So I’m flicking around the channels and I come across the Xfactor results repeat. Now I’m not one of these people that thinks the Xfactor is the death of music and bla bla bla because Iv been known to watch it and enjoy it. I do however have many problems with the way people are treated while appearing on the show but that’s for another day…

So just as I tuned in and they were about to launch the Xmas charity single (my most dreaded of yearly tv moments)

The Simon Cowell machine airs a VT to detail the hard work the charity does and it is a horrible story about 3 kids. I am sure everybody has seen it so there is no point in me telling you. This charity obviously does incredible work and should be supported in any way possible, my problem is the bullshit that follows.

So after seeing all the hard work these volunteers do…Simon Cowell brings out all his Xfactor minions to MIME the fucking charity single! Every fucking year they do this shit and they never get pulled up on it because the media will be seen to be “against charity”!

These (mostly kids) spend weeks being abused for their singing and humiliated on national television so Simon Cowell can make more money. After you see a video package detailing all the hard work a charity does it hard to stomach that the xfactor gets these people to mime.

Even worse than that is the ridiculous standing ovation the judges and crowd give after that bullshit is over.

The best reaction an xfactor contestant gets is the standing ovation after miming…makes sense right?!

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