Pro Wrestling, Video Games and this guy

So here it is, my first blog. You ready?

I was trying to figure out what I wanted to talk about while playing WWE12 last night when it hit me…”Hey Dickflute! Write about this.”

I have bought every single WWF/E game since the first few crappy ‘Wrestlemania’ and ‘Royal Rumble’ titles available on Sega to the now hyper realistic outings on PS3/X360. Obviously No Mercy on the N64 is the king and the smackdown series has been trying to equal or better it since it’s first release. I feel it never has a hope. Not because I have rose tinted glasses or anything but because of the WWE itself.

WWE12 is easily the best wrestling game since No Mercy but the WWE as a company holds it back. Look at the talent roster in No Mercy and Wrestlemania 2000 and compare it with the guys you are forced to play as in this years game and get back to me!

There are very few guys that I would actually pay money to see perform live.
The Road to Wrestlemania mode really highlights the problems WWE have. I have played through the Seamus part of the story and was bored out of my mind. Due to the lack of talent you get lumped into a stable with Regal, Barrett and McIntyre called The United Kingdom (so many things wrong with that as well but that’s for another day)
Then you face the same guys every 2nd match for an entire calendar year and to be honest I was unsure who some of them were.

The WWE doesn’t seem to have any guys that can carry the bat. Don’t believe me? Look at how many title wins guys like Orton, Cena and Edge have!

The more I played through the story I started to notice a pattern. I think the WWE has insisted that guys like Miz etc are front and centre so that the younger crowd get behind their ‘stars’, watch raw, buy their tshirts and buy the PPV with these losers main eventing! Case in point…CM Punk made all the headlines this year and you don’t play as him in the story…he’s already over enough.

I usually look up the results online and pick out the parts I want to watch on YouTube, it has come to that! WWE12, to get us elderly fans in, have an assload of legends so we don’t get bored playing as these idiots.

No Mercy is great for so many reasons but the main one is the fact that it was released at a time when wrestling was awesome. The roster is amazing. WWE12 is a great game but the talent in real life let’s it down hugely. I’m bored with it already and the game hasn’t been released yet.

Dealing with the lack of great wrestlers to play as reminds me of the pure hell that was ‘THAT’ cage match in NM where you play as Stone Cold against Vince…he reverses everything and it made me want to eat my own face.

WWE12… 7/10

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